Watch The Evolution Of Every Ferrari Made Over The Last 80 Years

By Brad Nash
29 April 2019
Credit: Ferrari
The development of one of motoring's most iconic design philosophies

There aren't many things you can say about the iconic design of Ferrari's cars that haven't been said before. They're almost universally appealing in their look, regardless of whether or not you're a diehard fan of the Modena-based manufacturer, and suffice it to say that even the most unromantic, hard-of-heart car enthusiast has had at least one of their heartstrings pulled by a Ferrari design at some point throughout the decades.

Now, insurance company Budget Direct (who admittedly aren't the first we'd think of when it comes to insuring Ferrari's, but we're sure they're very reasonable) have released an animated ode to every single Ferrari design ever to roll off of the production line at Maranello.

As they say themselves, "everyone has an almost tangible idea in their head of what Ferrari means, but how has it managed to actually achieve its position of preeminence in a crowded field? Through persistent innovation in both style and driving experience, that’s how."


Over the decades after they made their way into the world of passenger vehicles, it didn't take long for Ferrari to establish themselves as one of the most exotic, innovative and desirable carmakers on the planet.

By bringing the racing pedigree of their Sports Cars and F1 cars to cars imbued with a more luxurious air, they instantly came upon a formula for desirability that almost no other company has ever matched since. No other carmaker has an aura around their name quite like Ferrari do.

The vid takes the viewer through 78 years of Enzo Ferrari's design philosophy, from the first car he made once the Scuderia Ferrari F1 team branched out into making road cars, all the way through to the most recent iteration of their iconic Supercar line, the 488.

It's an oddly fascinating thing to watch, and makes for interesting viewing as it takes you through the way automotive design trends shifted across the decades, particularly when the 'Supercar' shape we know today really came into its own throughout the late '70s and early 1980s. It'll also make you realise the gradual evolution that led to the development of some of Ferrari's most iconic cars, from the Testarossa, to the 458 Italia, to the 250 GTO.

It also offers an oft-ignored glimpse at some of the more humble-looking cars that Ferrari came out with in their earlier years, however exotic they may have been for their time. 

Via GQ Australia