Welcome Inside Aston Martin's First SUV

10 November 2019
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Images: Courtesy of Aston Martin

Meet the $300,000 DBX, a family car with more power than a DB11 and handling 'like a Vantage'

2019 has been a decidedly big year for Aston Martin. For almost entirely good reasons, they're in the headlines more than they're out of the spotlight, whether they're unveiling a new future Le Mans challenger, their first motorbike (which is insane), or plans to build Aston Martin owners literal Batcaves under their houses.

But the next step in Aston's story could be the most important, as the British manufacturer prepares to finally, after years of development, speculation and chat amidst a shift towards supercar makers pumping out family-oriented models, reveal its own take on the SUV.

The DBX was built upon an entirely new platform developed independently by Aston, making it a unique canvas upon which to build a luxury 4x4. The Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus and Porsche Cayenne, conversely, are all built on the Volkswagen Group MLB platform, the same platform used in the second-generation Audi Q7. Having their own platform not only allows Aston to have greater control over the way the car drives, but how the interior of the car can also come to life. Hence the stunning cabin you see above.

Aston have apparently designed the car's interior to be as accessible as possible for all manner of drivers. Families, Female Advisory Groups and even children, were among those consulted when Aston Martin went about setting out the DBX's cabin and controls, while it apparently took six months for Aston Martin to figure out a driving position that allowed for optimum vehicle control and the sense of safety that you get with an SUV.

Of course, the interior is laden with creature comforts, including a panoramic sunroof, ultra-cushy, slightly sporty leather bucket seats up front, a touch-screen infotainment system in both the dash and centre console, and about as much leg-room as you could possibly desire in a car.

Photos released of the car during testing have shown that the car has been designed with the 'S' in SUV prioritised above all else. According to Top Gear, who spoke to Aston Martin, the DBX will pack the kind of performance required for an 8-minute dash around the Nurburgring. The power comes from an AMG-sourced 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, good for 542bhp and 516lb ft of torque — more than a DB11.

The British car maker reportedly told them that despite the extra girth, it'll boast similar handling dynamics to a Vantage, more braking force than a DBS Superleggera, and as we've already seen in the testing snaps, the ability to get seriously sideways.

The Aston Martin DBX will be officially revealed in all its glory on November 20.

Via GQ Australia