Welcome To 2019, Where You Can Buy A Watch That Makes Your Arm A Touchscreen

05 September 2019
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Image: Courtesy of Carnegie Mellon University and ASU Tech

We've basically surrendered to Black Mirror at this point

Here at GQ, we're still not massively sold on the idea of a smartwatch being used as anything other than a watch. Maybe a fitness tracker at a push, but we learned to ignore our wrist-based email notifications long ago, and filling out our activity circles is merely a distant memory.

There's still legs in the industry, though. The wearables market is still growing, with smartwatches in particular experiencing a 54.3 percent boost in sales last year. But this is largely off the back of smartwatches getting smaller, slimmer, and more simple in their use.

Which is why the LumiWatch, which you can see below, is so baffling to behold.

Developed by a team at Carnegie Mellon University, the guys behind the LumiWatch seem intent on basically making human technology more akin to the game Halo, helping to pioneer the use of touch holographic technology by implementing it for use in a wearable situation.

Admittedly the technology it holds is mighty impressive to behold – particularly the idea that you could use the interactive holograms to actually put models on the human body for study or one day control parts of your phone from the palm of your hand.

Maybe we're being a tad harsh, however. What you do get for your money is still a fully functioning smartwatch equipped with Android 5.1 Qualcomm 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU, 768MB of RAM, 4GB of flash memory and a 740 mAh lithium-ion battery. As the video demonstrates, it can also trace the movement of your finger in 2D as it moves across your wrist, which is very cool.

It as intuitive as an Apple Watch? No. Is it as multi-functional as a Galaxy Watch? Nope. It's not great looking either, as you'd expect from a miniature projector attached to your wrist. The cost is eye-watering, too. You're looking at roughly $790 for one of these bad boys.

For now though, it's not quite enough to pull us away from the big boys, but it's an interesting step towards a future where we can move holographic screens around like we're in Avatar, so we salute them.

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Via GQ Australia