You Can Now Buy A Fully-Functional Replica Of Ben Affleck's Batmobile

10 October 2019
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Images: FastBoomPro
The only thing that doesn't work is the machine guns. Shame

The garages of the world are filled with boffins dedicating countless hours to recreating their favourite pop culture objects. They could be building real-life Iron Man suits, or making perfect replicas of old race cars. But few creations ever come out of their birthplaces ever looking quite as impressive as what you see before you.

Russian company FastBoomPro has somehow managed to create a fully-functional replica of perhaps one of the coolest Batmobiles ever to hit the screen — the one driven by Ben Affleck in his admittedly otherwise forgettable turn as the caped crusader in Batman vs. Superman.

Also known as the Nightcrawler and one of the few Batmobiles taken straight out of comic-book lore, it's one of the more popular iterations of the Batmobile amongst fans of the character, and proved to be the perfect project for a set of car-mad comic book fans to recreate.

As far as real-life Batmobiles go, it's about as well-equipped to deal with baddies as they come. The entire exterior is armour plated, as are the windows, while the 5 litre V8 propelling the thing is good for just about any chase, churning out over 500hp.

Inside the alcantara-lined interior, you'll get access to a thermal imaging camera with 255x zoom, night vision capabilities, Bluetooth, climate control, and satellite navigation. It also has an F1-style detachable sterring wheel.

Apparently, the car is one of just four that exist in the world, and at the moment the only one that's up for sale. One other resides in the exist and two more in (where else) the UAE.

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Not that you could ever drive it on the road. Weighing over one and a half tonnes, it clocks in at just under 20ft long.

The BvS Batmobile us up for sale now for just over $1.25 million at And yes, it does run properly. It apparently has 75 miles on the clock. Good luck getting it past Australia's coppers though.

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Via GQ Australia