You Can Now Play Mario Kart Tour On Your Phone

25 September 2019
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Nintendo has finally released the Smart Phone version of their classic racer

Today is a momentous day. A day that will bring joy to millions but also see the world’s productivity drop significantly. Why? Because today is the day that Nintendo finally release Mario Kart Tour for Smart Phones.

Taking perhaps the greatest multi player racing game of all time (maybe) Nintendo have condensed the game down and simplified the controls in order to make it work on your phone.

Taking you on a world tour, like all the best racing series do, Mario Kart Tour has races based on real cities and the game launches with the New York leg of the tour. The game will update with a new tour every two weeks.

As far as game play is concerned, the controls are simple enough. The cars drive themselves and you simply swipe left and right to change direction. Tapping the screen allows you to use the items you’ve picked up.

At first glance though, the upright orientation of the game is a little annoying and you lose much of the game as you turn corners. Still, it does mean you can play one-handed, presumably while you’re holding onto a rail on the Metro system.

Racing itself is simple, frenetic and undeniably fun. The more you do, the more characters you’ll be able to unlock and the game is full of Mario Kart regulars like Mario, obviously, Peach, Yoshi and Koopa Troopa.

To start plying the game you’ll need to set up a Nintendo account but that was simple enough to do. After a few game updates you can begin playing and get straight into the action. We played for approximately 15 minutes before we realized we had actual work to do. That’s a good sign for Nintendo (who were 130 years this week) and a bad sign for our personal lives. You have been warned.