Your First Look At Apple's New iPad Pro And Magic Keyboard Is Here

20 March 2020
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Image: Courtesy of Apple

Could the new model spell the end of laptops? Because it basically is one

For years, the iPad has sat somewhere on the Apple line-up as a device loved by creatives, but not necessarily as widely purchased as something like the Macbook or other laptop brands. For most, this is down to the fact that although the iPad makes travelling a breeze thanks to its compact size and lightness, those who enjoy the click-clack of fingers breezing across a keyboard bemoan the need to type on the screen of the device. Well, that's all about to change with the unveiling of Apple's newest iPad Pro and magic keyboard.

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The iPad Pro 2020 will be available to order on March 25th and adds an Ultra Wide camera, studio-quality mics and more incredible features to the previous model. 

The headline feature for the new model is the LIDAR scanner to go along with its camera for depth sensing and AR. It delivers cutting-edge technology, opening up more pro workflows and supporting pro photo and video apps. And with pro cameras, motion sensors, pro performance, pro audio, Liquid Retina display and powerful apps, many are touting the new iPad Pro to be the world's best device for augmented reality.

Of course, it wouldn't be an Apple unveil without another impressive feature and that comes in the form of the Magic Keyboard - a proper touchpad that might just bring about the death of the laptop.

News of the Magic Keyboard was first rumoured by The Information who reported that Apple was preparing mass production of the keyboard accessory with long-time contractor Foxconn Technology and will “likely release the accessory alongside the next version of the iPad Pro.” This will serve to increase the functionality of the iPad Pro, ultimately drawing a number of customers to purchase the model above something like a laptop, which is more expensive and also has drawbacks depending on one’s lifestyle and needs.

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And they weren't wrong. The Smart Keyboard Folio is the new Magic Keyboard, magnetically attaching to the iPad Pro and putting the beautiful Multi-Touch screen on display with its floating design, working well both on a lap or on a desk.

Most importantly, the Magic Keyboard features USB-C pass-through charging, which means the USB-C port on the iPad Pro can be kept free for accessories or external drives and displays. 

With such impressive features, it looks likely that the iPad Pro will be the go-to choice for laptop enthusiasts and creatives alike. Here, we breakdown all the new features including pricing. 

Pricing And Specs

Coming in an 11-inch and 12.9-inch display, the iPad Pro will be available in silver and space grey finishes. Apple notes that the starting configuration of 128GB offers pro customers more room for their apps and content, but for those with more ambitious plans in mind, there's even a 256GB, 512GB and 1TB configuration available.

Pricing will start at $1,329 for the 11-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi model and $1,579 for the Wi-Fi +Cellular model. The 12.9-inch Pro starts at $1,649, with the Wi-Fi + Cellular model retailing for $1,899.

As for the Magic Keyboard, it will be available for purchase in May and retail for $499 for the 11-inch iPad Pro, and $589 for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with layouts for over 30 languages.

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The Pro camera system on the iPad Pro features a 12MP Wide camera, allowing users to capture stunning images and 4K video, as well as a 10MP Ultra Wide camera that is able to zoom out two times to capture a much wider field of view.

By adding two rear cameras, Apple has shifted their focus to photo-taking abilities of the new device, a huge upgrade from the single camera available on the previous iPad Pro model. The second camera doubles the photo and video possibilities and truly is a game-changer for creative pros.


The iPad Pro features five studio-quality microphones for capturing clean audio and even the quietest of details. The device delivers an immersive sound experience thanks to four-speaker audio that automatically adjusts to any orientation, regardless of how the device is held. Thanks to the pro cameras, pro audio and large display, the iPad Pro now serves as a versatile mobile studio for creatives like filmmakers, video professionals, podcasters and content creators. 

Trackpad Support

For the first time, the iPad Pro now has trackpad support which makes typing a far more natural experience. Now, writing and selecting text, working with spreadsheets and workflows are a lot easier and more precise. The cursor appears as a circle that highlights user interface elements, text fields and apps on the Home Screen and Dock, and users are given a clear indication of what they can click on.

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LiDAR Scanner

The LiDAR Scanner revolutionises the iPad Pro, giving it capabilities never before possible on a mobile device. By measuring the distance to surrounding objects up to 5 metres away, it works indoors and outdoors, creating a new class of AR experiences. Now, developers can harness this feature to create scenarios that previously remained untouched.

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