George And Amal Clooney Are The Classiest Couple In Hollywood... Here’s Why

By Faye Fearon
25 March 2019
George Clooney, Amal Clooney
All Photos: Getty Images
You know it, we know, even they know it – the Clooneys always make an entrance through their shared sartorialism. For the top tips in timeless dressing, take a walk down the red carpet with these two this week

Time and time again, George and Amal Clooney master couple dressing. There’s no need for hyperbole: quite simply, they just know how to dress in a way that emits eternal class. Statement is key, but they always manage to make one in a way that will look as fashionable in 100 years as it does today.

Whether that be through Amal’s infinite armory of romantic gowns or George’s commitment to the sharpest of suits, they’re the perfect pair who we can all take a lesson (or seven) from when it comes to shared styles. So for a crash course in couple class, over to the Mr and Mrs and their finest looks to date.

Proving black and white always wins at ‘The Prince's Trust’ Buckingham Palace dinner

When: 12 March 2019
Why it works: If a dinner at Buckingham Palace is calling, there’s no safer (and more stylish) option to wear than black and white. Granted, the event was likely black tie, but the Clooney’s grasped that theme and served up the top couple look of the night. Elegance is key here, communicated most obviously through her draping white gown and the sharp finish of his suit. If you want to be in it to win it, you’ve got to go angelic. Women – the whiter, the better. Men – invest in the best tuxedo.

Ticking the ‘Heavenly Bodies’ box when arriving at the 2018 Met Gala

When: 7 May 2018
Why it works: The Hollywood actor is sticking to what he knows (and wears) best for the Met Gala: a classic tux. Nothing looks more suave on a man, especially when arriving to the most hyped event of the year. As far as couple dressing goes, Amal is doing all the talking here, ticking the “Heavenly Bodies” box for husband and wife in this Richard Quinn piece. It defies categorising as a dress too, because its front was tailored with cigarette trousers. So the tip to take is simple: share a smart stance, but don’t be afraid to embrace unique touches against an eye-catching backdrop.

Back to black for an evening in Florence

When: 7 September 2014
Why it works: We hate to say it, but more often than not black is the new black. Seriously, a couple can’t go wrong when sharing the classiest shade and this arrival to an evening in Florence could slot as easily into a past decade as it could today. The Clooney’s know how to make an entrance and as they proved here, less is most definitely more.

Summertime shades for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding

When: 19 May 2018
Why it works: For the wedding of the year, the Clooney’s took a confident sartorial stride: the sun was beaming outside Windsor Castle, so they opted to dress on the brighter side. Amal’s canary yellow is as bold and memorable as the day and George’s pastel blue shirt complimented her style to perfection. This is a winning shared ensemble for the season ahead and men, make sure to inject a minimalist striped print through your tie and pocket square.
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Mastering classic romanticism when arriving at the 2015 Met Gala

When: 4 May 2015
Why it works: For their Met Gala debut back in 2015, the Clooney’s took to making a sharp entrance. We’re not sure what’s more powerful here, Amal’s strapless gown of infinite layers or George’s striking three-piece suit. The theme was “China: Through The Looking Glass” and these two honoured the evening's subject with a splash of red. Hats off to you for that subtly romantic pocket square, George.
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Styling timeless sophistication upon arrival at the Palazzo Ca Farsetti in Venice

When: 29 September 2014
Why it works: If there was one look to define the Clooney’s, this would be it. The reason: this was the day the couple arrived at Venice’s city hall to formalise their wedding. On paper, the idea would be risky, but Amal’s styling of this cream two-piece here makes for a completely sophisticated bridal look. Her husband’s grey suit only served to match that. How to top off the minimal summer look? For the ladies, a wide-brimmed hat will top off all communications of class. For the gents, stick on a pair of timeless shades.
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Adding fun to formality at the 2017 Cesar Film Awards

When: 24 February 2017
Why it works: Coming back to the red carpet formality, fun is key as far as the Clooney’s are concerned. Upon arrival to the 2017 Cesar Film Awards, they embraced modernity through texture: you can almost feel the feathered grounding of Amal’s elegant gown. Victorious as their outfits are, there’s one thing that clinches it every time – a look of admiration. But FYI gents, showing off your watch doesn’t hurt. 

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