Glas Italia Make Awards-Worthy Furniture

26 November 2019
GQ Men Of The Year 2019, Furniture, Interiors, Interior design, Glas Italia
The Italian furniture designers and GQ Middle East Men of the Year furniture partners take glass to new heights

Sometimes the best design isn’t always the most visible. At least, that’s what Glas Italia will tell you.

Specialists in glass furniture, the Italian furniture maker prides itself on the art of the invisible, rendering walls, partitions and objects in glass that require incredible precision.

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The level of expertise on show in the Glas Italia workshop comes in part from close to fifty years’ of careful dedication to glass work. They also have the benefit of some of the world’s most accomplished designers and architects to call on: think Philip Strack, Michele Di Lucchi or Patricia Urquiola.

This level of experience and creativity is what sets Glas Italia apart and why, when flicking through their portfolio, you’d be forgiven for suddenly deciding you needed a custom designed Piero Lissoni frosted glass door in your life. Or maybe a floor-to-ceiling sliding partition. Perhaps even a set of Shiro Kuramata glass shelves, standing unaided, like a reflective hashtag, in your living room.

Good design makes you consider your surroundings. Glas Italia’s design makes you reconsider them. It’s why GQ Middle East chose to partner with Glas Italia for our Men of the Year awards 2019.

Here we’ve highlighted three iconic pieces from Glas Italia’s collection that help provide a sense of what they do so well

Glas Italia Liberia Layers Bookshelves, designed by Nendo

Glas Italia Bench Glass Bench, designed by Naoto Fukasawa

Glas Italia Glass Shelves #1 1976, designed by SHiro Kuramata