5 Cool Things about the New Motorola Razr

By Sarah Garden
11 February 2020
Motorola, Motorola Razr, Smartphone, Tech
Yes, the flip phone is back

There’s something brilliantly retro about taking a ringing phone out of your pocket and flipping it open to answer a call. As smartphone design evolved after the mid-noughties, flippable phones fell out of favour. But in the phone-dropping, screen-smashing era of large edge-to-edge display, the idea seems more practical and relevant than ever.

Hello Moto, as the telecoms company would say.

Motorola, the original flippable phone giant, has launched a reimagined version of the iconic Motorola Razr. Ahead of its UAE launch in late February, the brand put on a drone show, lighting up the Dubai sky with a story of the new phone.

The question is, should you be pre-booking yours? Here are a few reasons why you might want to get your hands on one.

It’s an exceptional upgrade option
Every time a new phone hits the shelves, we hear about all its powerful upgrades. In terms of software and hardware, nothing much is new. With the Motorola Razr, things have been given a shake-up. It’s got today’s much-loved large screen, but with a clamshell design, which offers features we haven’t seen before.

Motorola Razr

It’s smaller than its competitors
Building on the above, it’s smaller than other big names on the market. The 6.2-inch flex view display and 21.9 aspect ratio gives you the view and functionality that you’re used to, but once you’ve finished updating your legions of followers, you can fold it in half and tuck it away comfortably in your jeans pocket.

The closed display
The smaller screen on the front of the phone that can be viewed when the phone is closed allows a quick look at notifications such as missed calls, WhatsApps, and emails. Think of it like a smartwatch display, but attached to your phone.

Motorola Razr

The small screen is also a viewfinder
You can use the smaller display as a rear camera, and when the phone is closed, it becomes a viewfinder for selfies.

Motorola Razr

It’ll help you get smiles
Yes, really. The front display can also be used as an animator when you’re taking pictures. No need to shout “say cheese!”, as a smiley face will appear to grab small children’s attention and make adults give you a natural grin.

Available for pre-booking with du and Etisalat, on shelves by the end of February, Dhs5,999.