Cartier’s new Santos-Dumont Watch is fit for High Flyers

14 August 2019
A tribute to aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, Cartier’s new Santos-Dumont watch takes inspiration from his three major principles: Simplicity, Practicality and Innovation

The original Cartier Santos-Dumont watch was created in 1904 for famed aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont himself. Its wrist mounted position allowed him to consult time easily during flight whilst its square dial, visible screws and pure design reflected Santos-Dumont’s forward thinking nature that led him to conquer the skies. The Santos-Dumont is the watch of a man who set his heights high.

In 2019, Cartier’s latest Santos-Dumont model remains true to the elegance of the original but with a few modern tricks up its sleeve. Still pared-back with a classic understated design, the new style has a fitted alligator strap, with face of Roman numerals, a beaded winding crown and blue cabochon complimented by visible screws -  all encased in gold, gold and steel or all steel. With refined improvements, the latest edition to the Santos-Dumont family pays the perfect homage to a watchmaking classic. Not to mention its unchanged square shape which reflects the popularity of geometry in Paris and the design revolution during the early 1900s.

The notion of practicality has always been at the heart of the Santos-Dumont design. For today’s edition in order to keep up with modern ways of life, Cartier has introduced a high-efficiency quartz movement with an autonomy of approximately six years. This is twice as long as traditional movements. In order to achieve this innovative prowess, the movement was reworked and resized to reduce the energy consumed and paired with a state of the art, high performance battery.

To accompany the celebration of the 2109 edition of the Santos-Dumont collection, Cartier has created a film by Seb Edwards starring Jake Gyllenhaal. A film inspired by the innovation, fearlessness and forward-thinking spirit of Alberto Santos-Dumont. In this 60-second film, Edwards creates a high flying fantasy with a sense of escapism that will transport you to another world. 2019 is set to be high times for the new Santos-Dumont watch.