Give The Perfect Holiday Gift With Pandora

By Team GQ Middle East
20 December 2018
Here’s the rub: there’s a zero-point-zero percent chance that your partner won’t appreciate the gift of jewellery. Pandora, we’ve always thought, will never let you down. If you’re sweating your choice of gift this holiday period, fear not – the women of GQ can point you in the right direction

The festive period is just around the corner, and you're looking to find a perfect gift for your loved one.

But just because a present is last minute, doesn't mean it can't be spectacular. Here we suggest three ways that you can save the holidays with a stunning gift from Pandora.


If she’s a little understated…

“I like this. I like that it’s understated. I like the movement of two different textures, and that you could potentially layer it. I definitely like rings, especially when they have a little statement. This is a stylish pick. Plus, it’s super versatile and will go with everything.” – Rosemin Madhavji, luxury consultant
Pearl Open Ring, $80, Pandora

If you want to be a little unexpected…

“This is a little different. You usually don’t find a guy who will take the time to buy something like a charm. Rose gold is unique, too. It’s almost like a token – she’ll like that because it looks like you’ve put in a little effort. Like you’ve put in the thought and gone outside the ordinary. That’s always a good thing.” – Diya Kumar, marketing manager
Vintage Allure Stud Earrings, $120, Pandora

If she’s a little tricky to shop for…


“Shopping for jewellery can be hard. It might be unexpected, but a bracelet like this is perfect for a picky girl – the kind of girl who likes to stick to one signature piece. It might look simple, but she’ll be able to add the beautiful charms that Pandora is known for. So, you’re not just giving her the gift of a bracelet – you’re giving her the gift of choice.” – Hoda Ghavidel, project manager
Reflexions bracelet, $245, Reflexions Dazzling Elegance Clip Charm, $67, Pandora