Le Petit Chef By Dinner Time Story Could Be Dubai’s Most Unique Eating Experience

By Team GQ Middle East
12 November 2018
Dinner Time Story, Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre, Le Petit Chef
An animated chef, air from the Himalayas, Marco Polo and a six-course tasting menu – if you’re looking for us we’ll be at the Four Seasons Hotel DIFC

We’ve all been on a culinary journey or two. From the fine-dining special occasion to the emergency fast-food pit stop on the way home from an evening out. Each has its merits, each is a classic in its own right, neither features a 58mm chef that wanders around your table muttering in French. Which is a shame, as Le Petit Chef by Dinner Time Story could well be our new favourite eating experience.

Petite Chef

Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre has created an innovative dining experience inspired by the adventures of Marco Polo and based around the culinary exploits of a diminutive animated chef, leading you on a unique culinary trip “around the world”.

Launching at The Monogram, guests will re-tread the footsteps of Polo along the famous Silk Road in the 13th century. Using cutting-edge 3D visual technology and novel storytelling through flavours, ingredients, sights, sounds and tastes, you’ll be whisked along on an unforgettable ride from Marseilles to the Arabian Peninsula; from India to the Himalayas; and finally to China.

Le Petit Chef

In something of a boon for the intrigued yet lazy traveller, you won’t have to move an inch – your tablecloth provides the canvas for the holographic chef while you enjoy adventurous fare in the company of exotic birds, boats, and even fire-breathing dragons that float over your plates.

Your six-course tasting menu journey will take you from earthy tagines to aromatic curries, fresh seafood to fusion desserts showcasing the finest flavours from Polo’s historical stops in the Middle East, India, China and, of course, from Le Petit Chef’s own home town in Western France.

Le Petit Chef

As well as the option of wine pairing, expect smart props, soundtracks and scents that allow you to breathe the icy air of the Himalayas one moment and feel hot and heady vibes of an Arabic souk the next.

A unique addition to the culinary map in Dubai, this is part food, part performance art, part… well… we’re not really sure, but it excites us –  and we feel Marco Polo would certainly approve of that.

Le Petit Chef

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