Ray Allen On The Unifying Power Of Basketball Culture

07 December 2019
Ray Allen, Nike, Basketball
A Hall of Fame lesson from the NBA legend

Ray Allen will be the first to admit it: during his epic, sprawling, record-studded, Hall of Fame NBA career, he spent more than a little time as a lone wolf. That lone wolf, happily, would take his quiet time in the gym – and out of the clubs – and head en route to mastering one of the most consistent jump shots in NBA history. (Not to mention one of the most clutch free-throw routines, ever.)

But, for all the preparation the Jordan Brand athlete put in around the league in stops like Seattle and Milwaukee, nothing quite came together until Allen found his tribe. It was late 2007, he was coming off an injury, and he was a newly-minted Boston Celtic. Walking into the training gym, he noticed something he had seldom seen before: a community of players who would start shootaround early. And then keep going late.

In this clip, Allen explains why that made for a championship DNA.

Ray Allen is appearing at Sole DXB, this Saturday, December 7 on the Jordan Court