Technogym’s Kinesis Personal Is As Stylish As It Is Functional

23 April 2020
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The ultimate home workout in less than a square meter of space

There is a theory that strength and fitness should be about sweat and sawdust, getting down and dirty, training with raw materials and raw strength. We are here to tell you that while that might look good on film (Rocky, we’re looking at you) there is a better and altogether more aesthetically pleasing way to stay in shape at home.

Technogym’s Kinesis Personal is an excellent example. Designed in collaboration with Italian architect and furniture designer Antonio Citterio and part of the brand's Personal Line it's made with your home and wellbeing in mind.


Enclosed in an elegantly designed and unintrusive case, the Kinesis Personal enables you to practice a series of coordinated movements using resistance techniques, that will work on your strength, flexibility and balance.

You might already be familiar with Technogym. The Italian manufacturer, based out of an impressive wellness “village” in Romagna, Italy, supply machines and equipment for some of the world’s best gyms. They are also the official supplier to the Olympic Games.

Transplanting that expertise from the gym into your home, Technogym knew that their equipment needed to look and feel like a piece of interior design. This wasn’t just about function, it had to be about form, too.


The marriage of both resulted in the Kinesis Personal, a machine that allows you to perform 200 different exercises in just one square metre, while looking like a piece of modern art, fixed to your wall.

Using the machine’s patented 360-degree cable loop system you can push, pull, squat and rotate within an enclosed space. Its mechanism is engineered to be smooth and quiet, so there’s no more clanging of weights. In fact, the only trace of a workout taking place will be from your own body, should you choose to turn the resistance up to 20.

We live in an age of functional fitness and as any trainer will tell you, strength is fine, but it means very little without balance and stability. The Kinesis Personal lets you train all three, to improve your posture, coordination and breathing control.

If there is a more elegant way of staying in shape at home, we’d like to see it.

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