Technogym’s New Platform Brings The Gym And Its Trainers To You

17 September 2020
Technogym, Fitness
Get the power of personal trainers and exercise classes direct to your phone or fitness machine

As any personal trainer worth their protein shakes will tell you, if you want to get fit, you need a plan. Unfortunately though, it’s what most people in the gym lack. It’s one thing to pull your sneakers on and make it to the treadmill, but if you’re doing the same 5k every time you do, you might not see the results you’re looking for.

Technogym have a solution. They have developed TECHNOGYM Live, a new training platform which can be accessed via their equipment consoles and Mywellness app on your phone. The platform’s on-demand training videos will give you the experience of working out with a trainer, from wherever you are. Which means: no more turning up each morning and simply hoping for the best. Now you can use the expertise of Technogym’s trainers to supercharge your workouts.

Technogym’s specialized classes, housed in their Sessions section, will give you access to one-on-one digital workouts which are split into 6 different series, each with a specific goal. You can then use the workouts to help you lose weight, build stamina or achieve other fitness goals.

You can choose workout videos lead by trainers from London, New York, Milan and LA, each with a different intensity and training focus, and the Technogym console will even offer you Outdoor Virtual Training. Run, walk or cycle through iconic and exotic destinations via your screen.

This all, of course, comes at the perfect time for those still nervous about returning to the gym to exercise. As the coronavirus becomes something we all have to live with, the opportunity to participate in virtual classes lead by expert trainers direct from your machine or via your phone, will give you peace of mind as you train.

The final piece of the puzzle though is TECHNOGYM Coach, which will manage your data and preferences, helping you to improve over time and continue to see results. It is the first time artificial intelligence software has been applied to fitness. 

It's a brave new world out there. Now at least, you can be ready for it.

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