The 2018 Lincoln Navigator has arrived and it’s been built just for you

By Team GQ Middle East
21 November 2018
Lincoln, Navigator, Middle East
The new Lincoln Navigator combines ultimate luxury with advanced technology, and is now ready to tackle the roads (and desert) of the Middle East

In the GCC and across the Middle East, the competition for luxury on the roads is fierce. So, you’ll be pleased to know that the new Lincoln Navigator, with a twin-turbo 3.5-litre engine, comes to play, specifically designed to provide the refined regional driver – a demanding character at the best of times – with a unique driving experience.

Whether you’re dealing with the 9-5 grind on the multi-lane highways of the city, or are a weekend warrior off-roading on desert and mountain terrains (you’re probably both, right?), no detail, luxury or technological feature has been spared.

“In developing the 2018 Lincoln Navigator, our team had the discerning Middle East customer top of mind,” said Alex Schaeffer, Director, Lincoln Middle East. “Power and functionality are priorities for SUV drivers in the region and that’s exactly what Navigator delivers with its 70-plus features, best in class 450 horsepower, and the largest, most luxurious interior cabin in the segment. On top of that, the Navigator has a Middle East exclusive Deep Sand mode for those who enjoy time on a path less travelled.”

Lincoln Navigator

The ultimate expression of the Lincoln brand, the Presidential line brings luxury and refinement to new levels.  But we love it because it’s pretty and clever. You see, as much as the Navigator’s exterior is sure to catch the eye, the interior takes personal experience to the next level with an exclusive collection of nine design themes crafted from high-end Venetian leather, Alcantara materials from Milan, and Ziricote, a heavily grained wood from South America. The luxurious sheen is complimented by spaciousness and comfort, ensuring driver and passengers across its three rows have plenty of leg room and can access the latest technological features.

The driver and front-seat passenger enjoy Perfect Position Seats, which offer massage, heating and cooling functionality, and can be adjusted up to 30 different ways. Meanwhile, second-row passengers have their own audio and climate control and third-row seats feature power recline capability.

The region has a new hero – you can tell from the glint of its chrome star logo to the subtlest interior detail. The new 2018 Lincoln Navigator has arrived, and it might just be the the drive of the year for the Middle East.