It's Time To Choose Your New Scent... It's BOSS vs. erm, BOSS

27 November 2019
GQ Partnership, Hugo Boss, Perfume

BOSS has dropped two new masculine fragrances. The only problem? You’ve got to choose between them

Because nobody likes it when you’re stingy with the fragrance, BOSS Parfums has two unique scents for the gifting season. Two options to choose from that might well signal the man you really are (aftershave can do that, right?). BOSS Bottled Absolute versus BOSS The Scent Absolute, it’s a fragrant fight to the finish, and this is no time to sit on the fence – HUGO BOSS would like an answer.

Created by master perfumer Annick Menardo, BOSS Bottled Absolute opens with notes of apple and warm spices, shifting to a heart of zingy bergamot and plum. It’s a special occasion fragrance, a bolder reinterpretation of the iconic BOSS Bottled Eau de Toilette and a perfect accessory to have in your armoury as we rush into party season.

But if Bottled is main event, then The Scent Absolute is the after party. A little richer, a little more intense, a little more dangerous. Perfumer Bruno Jovanovic has created a fragrance that opens with fresh ginger and moves into heart notes of mondia root and maninka fruit before you know what’s hit you. It rounds things off in the only way it knows how... with a shot of coarse vetiver to hold things together at the base.

Two scents, two personalities. It’s time to decide which side you’re on. Or, actually, failing that, just grab both and spray liberally. Yeah, that makes way more sense. Get both. Like we said, it’s gifting season.