Dive Right Into The Water At This Maldivian Resort

25 July 2019
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It’s manta ray season in the Maldives, so there’s no better time to get your dive on

A couple of things are guaranteed when you head out to the Maldives. One: your days will be lazily spent between hammock and beach, and two: at some point, you will snorkel. So, if you’re strapping on the mask, then why not have it UNESCO-approved?

Vakkaru Maldives is nestled in a Unesco biosphere in Baa Atoll, which means it’s surrounded by all kinds of marine life.

Let’s add the fact that it’s currently manta ray season. This means that you can expect the rays to gather in big numbers during the south-west monsoon (June to November) – and Vakkaru will provide you with access to Hanifaru Bay, the protected dive site where they congregate.

It goes down like this: the crew will search the water for the rays and then you jump in and, seconds later, be swimming beside them. There’s also a solid chance you’ll see whale sharks and dolphins.

Of course, back on dry land and you find yourself amidst classic Maldivian luxury. Beach bungalows that take you from deck to sand, pool villas if you’re looking for a little extra privacy, and overwater villas that could offer a man the least incentive to move from a sun lounger ever.

When it comes to dining you’ve got four options that move from beachfront grill to Vietnamese-inspired dishes, Italian classics to wellness and superfoods. There’s also a farm-to-table concept with organic ingredients from Vakkaru’s own farm that also forms the basis of the island’s cooking classes, too.

When the gentle breeze and full plate becomes a little much, you can either head to the main or overwater bar, go for some extra-curricular relaxation at the spa or try simply to be your best Maldivian self, by getting back out onto the ocean via kayak, catamaran or jet ski.

But it’s undeniably the marine life that is the real big sell here. Well, that and the 40 per cent summer discount that rolls until September.

Simply head out into the Indian Ocean, choose your dive spot and prepare for the experience of a lifetime.