4 Massage Guns That'll Hammer Your Muscle Knots, But Not Your Wallet

22 January 2020
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With the success of the Theragun, a whole host of more affordable competitors have cropped up, offering similar muscle-melting results for less cash

Now that flexibility, mobility and functional strength is all the rage, we now have to figure out efficient, effective ways to be as holistically healthy and jacked as the people we envy in the gym. For a while, the only way to do this was to get a massage. Then came the excruciating simplicity of the foam roller. Then, a couple of years ago, athletes in the elite sporting echelons were captured using something so revolutionary, yet so simple.

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It was, of course, the Theragun, and it instantly went on to the wishlist of every affluent gym-goer with tight muscles and a loose wallet. Personal, portable masseuses that would fit into almost any gym bag, massage guns have now exploded into normality, and as more and more companies are entering the pool to get on the trend, prices are falling.

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While Theragun now make a host of affordable, effective products to cater for everyday fitness enthusiasts, there's a whole host of options out there, many of which you can buy down under. We thought we'd highlight a few in case you felt like taking the plunge.

Theragun liv

Made by the pioneers and OGs of percussive therapy, the liv is Theragun's most affordable, simple and user-friendly model. Yet it's still packed with tech that separates Theragun's from the rest, capable of oscillating 40 times per second.

$334 at amazon

Phoenix One

Phoenix is an Aussie-founded company started with the sole purpose of optimising Australia's massage gun market by providing all the stops in a single package. The Phoenix One is a genuine beast, capable of providing up to 32kg of force for instant muscular release.

$205 at phoenixgun


Endowed with the ergonomic design and the adjustability of other guns that are double the price, the MyoTrig is also apparently the deepest-reaching gun on the market, delivering a 22mm stroke length to tight fascia.

$248 at myotrig

MECO Massage Gun

The cheapest option we could find on amazon, it still comes loaded with 20 adjustable settings, a bunch of attachments and a host of good reviews. Will it last long enough to give you a full beatdown? Who knows? But for just over a hundy a pop, it might be worth the gamble.

$106 at amazon

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