7 Spring Fragrances That Won’t Crumple In The Heat

11 October 2019
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As the mercury rises, so does a man’s need to find the best spring colognes he can

If you’re a scent driven aficionado or just looking to change up your cologne game, good news. A slew of new players has just entered the market and are desperate for your business.

So, here are some of the concoctions that are grabbing our attention right now.

The budget gym-bagger

So you’ve crunched your reps and repped your crunches but don’t want the gym stank following you about. Nor do you want to spend your hard earned on a post-workout freshener. Adidas - admittedly better know for sneakers than scent - has just released a wallet pleasing little number called Charge. Which blends kumquat, salted pine and juniper into a refreshing pyramid that could be charged double for. Put your sent snobbery aside and check it out.

The all-rounder

So, you haven’t got a tonne of cash to splash but are looking for flexibility. Something that works as well in the boardroom as it does on a date or weekend getaway. Look no further. Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Urban Feel is not only quite the mouthful, it is also some of the best value for money we’ve seen of late with a crisp ozone and driftwood character plus a hint of coffee.

The fashionista

It was inevitable that Thom Browne - Mr Pared Back Luxury himself - was eventually going to enter the fragrance game. It was just a matter of how. The answer came in the form of six scents all based around the grassy magnificence of vetiver. When you’re a designer of this pedigree, there’s no need for evocative names, just a series from number1 to 6. Our pick? The sparkling Vetyver Absolute with Smoke and Whiskey just behind.

The beach break

Long days, warm nights, sun, sand, you get the picture. Costume National’s new I scent is the perfect complement to all off the above with bergamot, saffron, thyme, lavender, geranium and cedar rounding things out. It’s what you’d wear hanging out with George and Amal on Lake Como.

The woodsman

There is something undeniable manly about timber but you don’t want to smell like the inside of a carpenter’s either. Striking the balance is L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme Wood&Wood. Okay the typography may be a little iffy but the juice is all about cedar and sandalwoods offset by grapefruit so it doesn’t become too heavy. A bit of a departure for this ethereal brand but a welcome one.

The corporate elite

For a man who made his name in women’s shoes, Jimmy Choo sure knows his way around male noses. His latest scent, Urban Hero, blends black pepper, rose wood and grey amber for a result that is all about subtle sophistication. Available from November 10.

The dilettante

The Penhaligon’s Portraits series has long melded whimsy with tradition and flair and the new Terrible Teddy incarnation - look for the rhino head bottle - could well be the best yet. Leather, incense and ambroxan are the pillars of this heady beast.

Via GQ Australia