Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Warning To Anyone Thinking Of Skipping Their Stretches

25 May 2020
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The actor and muscle-man poster boy has advice for anyone who doesn’t value flexibility in their training

For decades, Arnold Schwarzenegger has continued to prove that he doesn’t just have the cinematic one-liners that make him a household name, but the gym-honed physique that first made him a star. Years have elapsed and Schwarzenegger has aged (albeit, incredibly well), but his drive to pump iron hasn’t diminished over the years, nor has his approach to well-rounded training.

As many of us grapple with the idea of working out at home as gyms remained closed due to COVID-19, Arnold has yet again reminded us that now is not the time to be slacking off with our exercise. Always the source of inspiration, Schwarzenegger took to his Instagram account to give everyone a very important message about the significance of flexibility, something that most undervalue in their training or simply neglect altogether.

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“Flexibility is just as important as weight training itself, so here we go,” said Schwarzenegger, appearing to do a full split on his kitchen counter. “Suck it up, in with your arms, and then bend over slowly to the side,” he added, slowly leaning over and reaching for his right foot before repeating the sequence on his left.

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Flexibility is as important as the pump.

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Sadly, it was all just part of a humorous routine that Schwarzenegger was treating fans to. When he stepped away from a pair of fake legs, his fans realised the gag – you could only chuckle at the apparent dad joke. Nevertheless, he makes a strong point about flexibility, something that tends to rear its ugly head in the form of painful back aches and strains, as well as the more painful hamstring and calf tears.

Like Schwarzenegger said, flexibility plays a crucial role in our training and performance. If you’re not focusing on mobility, your body will pay the price for it in the long run. Even now, as we spend considerably more hour hunched over a desk and sitting down under lockdown, it’s fair to say the body is feeling it a lot more.

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To combat these aches and pains, daily stretching should be a mandatory part of your routine. If not to coincide with a training session, simply to relieve muscle soreness and fatigue, boost mobility and aid in recovery. The truth is, once you get into a habit of flexibility and stretching, things enter more of a flow and you’ll see just how much your performance improves.

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