Fall Is The Absolute Best Time To Invest In A Luxurious Room Spray

12 September 2019
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Your space deserves a signature scent too

Just as you’d apply your favorite fragrance before leaving the house, you can also spritz a signature scent with a high-end room spray when staying in. Except instead of spraying yourself with the scent, you’re applying it around your home—to your couch, your throw pillows, bed sheets, or curtains. Anything fabric is a good surface for a room spray—which is, essentially, a scent for your living space. Room scents give any living space a refresh, and just like a fragrance for your body, they'll also add some character and dimension. (Not to mention, it’s a major upgrade from Glade or Febreze.)

Many notable fragrance brands are in the room-scent business, too, which offers reassurance that you’ll pick something universally loved by your guests—and it means you can swap out scents with the season, just as you might wear a different fragrance in summer versus winter.

If you’d rather not pace around the room spraying your curtains and seats before guests arrive, you can opt instead for a scent diffuser, which takes water plus a few drops of your favorite essential oil. It then steams that oil’s scent into the room, permeating the air and creating the same effect. Whichever you choose, a signature home scent is a great way to prove to yourself, and to showcase to others, that you do give a damn.

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1/8 Le Labo Santal 26 room spray

$115 Buy Now at Barneys

This home scent preceded Santal 33, perhaps Le Labo’s most celebrated personal scent. And they smell very similar, with notes of smoke and leather. It’s the American West, romanticized and bottled, with equal parts swagger and coziness for your space.

2/8 Arquiste St. Regis "Caroline’s Four Hundred" room spray

$85 Buy Now at Arquiste

If you’ve stayed at a St. Regis in the past few years, then you’ll recognize this as the hotel's signature lobby scent. Arquiste designed it as an homage to Caroline Astor's (the hotel's matriarch) grand 400-person shindigs during the gilded age. These events were typically decked out in flowers, hence this scent’s notes of rose, green stem, white lillies, and cherry blossoms.

3/8 Byredo Cotton Poplin room spray

$120 Buy Now at Barneys

Do you like the scent of fresh laundry but could do without the cheesy detergent commercial vibes? Byredo's Cotton Poplin is for you. With notes of chamomile, linen, cedarwood, and musk, it's like your fresh laundry basket topped with a badass vintage leather vest.

4/8 Aesop Olous Aromatique room spray

$55 Buy Now at Barneys

This well-rounded scent, suitable for every season, reminds us of a fresh breath of air on a dewy forest morning thanks to a mix of notes like grapefruit, jasmine, and resin.

5/8 Diptyque Baies room spray

$68 Buy Now at Barneys

This spray-on version of Diptyque’s popular candle comes with the same notes of rose and blackcurrant. Unlike the candle, you can infuse this spray into basically everything you own.

6/8 Esslux floral essential oils set

$19 Buy Now at Amazon

Perhaps you want to try the diffuser route. First things first: Pick up a set of scented essential oils that you’d like to pump into the air. Florals, like the ones in this pack, are a good starting point. Just put a few drops into the water and the diffuser will do the rest to evenly distribute it into the space over the designated period of time. (We also like citrus for a refreshing mood boost, or lavender if you are bringing home a special someone.)

7/8 URPOWER oil diffuser

$19 Buy Now at Amazon

This diffuser fills a room as big as 200 sq. feet, and it allows for a release time of one, three, or six hours, depending on how long and how strong you want the scent to be. Plus, it has an LED light with seven different glow options.

8/8 MUJI aroma diffuser

$69 Buy Now at MUJI

The MUJI diffuser delivers the refreshing and relaxing aromas of the brand's various oil blends through a very cute tiny fragrance volcano.

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