Famous Men Are Raging Against Aging

05 August 2019
Grooming, Moustache, Brad Pitt, Hair
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Welcome to another edition of Grooming Gods. This week: old guys who groom like young guys, young guys who groom like rockstars, and 87 incredible mustaches

1/10 Danny Trejo

The longer chain, the fuller the mustache, the bigger the baller.

2/10 Miguel

Worn up or down, Miguel's hair is always in the golden ratio.

3/10 Lil Baby

Long live long hair.

4/10 Alice Cooper

Don't feel like embracing your naturally gray hair? Alice Cooper that s**t.

5/10 Taika Waititi

Heat and humidity really brings out the best in some people's hair.

6/10 Jason Sudeikis

Heartthrob hair, bad guy mustache, sidekick sweater. This is IT!

7/10 Jess Carson, Mark Wystrach and Cameron Duddy

A lesson from the Midland school of grooming: Get a weird haircut and never wash it again.

8/10 Dwayne Johnson

Sun's out, guns, chest, and freshly shaved head out.

9/10 Shawn Mendes

We're all just one sleeveless denim shirt, one extremely great head of wavy hair away from '80s Boss vibes.

10/10 Brad Pitt

A reminder that your skin is far too matte, far too dry, not nearly luminous enough. Go home and take a facial oil shower.

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