Fancy Working Out With Cristiano Ronaldo? Thanks To Nike, Now You Can

07 April 2020
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The “Living Room Cup” seeks to make sport a daily habit even at home

To peruse social media during COVID-19 is to awaken to the startling reality that seemingly everyone you follow is now a personal trainer. Granted, they might not be certified, but that won’t step them from flashing their bulging biceps or puffing through a set of burpees on camera as they share their home workout routine with their loyal (ten) followers on Instagram Live.

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While fitness has long been a domain best left to the professionals, as the coronavirus draws us all indoors now, it’s safe to say that we’re open to alternatives if it means making exercise fun, engaging, and able to be done at home. With gyms around the country closed, trainers are having to think of new ways to motivate us all to stay active. And that’s exactly what Nike are doing with their “Living Room Cup”.

With sporting tournaments around the world cancelled and most seasons postponed indefinitely, it’s not just those of us at home that are going stir-crazy – athletes are dealing with the consequences of COVID-19 restrictions, too. With the “Living Room Cup,” Nike are continuing to make sport a daily habit even at home by launching a series of digital trainings that offer users the chance to compete against Nike professional athletes through weekly fitness challenges.

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And oh yes, if you’ve ever dreamed of going head-to-head with Cristiano Ronaldo, now you can. To be fair, it’s not on the football field but rather in a gruelling ab workout that will have you clutching on to your stomach and feeling the burn.

If you want to take on the challenge, you’ll have a week to beat Ronaldo’s result, after which he’ll then pass on the baton to another athlete who will introduce their own challenge. The idea comes as Nike seeks to support its athletes in their indoor wellness journey.

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The Nike Training Club app will have a stack of training programs and workouts you can do at home, keeping you active and healthy during these uncertain times. The trainings will also help you gain something of a competitive advantage during each week’s challenge – and who doesn’t like having a leg up on the competition? With over 190 guided and free workouts, the NTC app has been in heavy rotation here at GQ HQ, and certainly helps to maintain your fitness even indoors.

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