Five Questions For Perfumier Alberto Morillas

By Keanoush Zargham
22 March 2020
Philipp Plein, Fragrance, Grooming, Alberto Morillas, Scent, No Limit$
The man charged with the olfactory interpretation of Philipp Plein explains how he made No Limit$’, the brand’s newest fragrance

Alberto Morillas is the Spanish perfumier who has created countless iconic frgrances for some of the biggest brands in the world. Recently he took on a new challenge: distilling the essence of Philipp Plein into a bottle. He tells GQ Middle East how he did it.

GQ: Who is the Philipp Plein No Limit$ man?

The Philipp Plein No Limit$ man is someone who, like Philipp, has infectious energy. He is extravagant and limitless - with an excessive and fascinating life. He is unstoppable and strives to be the best. The No Limit$ man is super passionate and loves all types of beauty such as cars, jewelry and travelling.

What was your first encounter with Philipp Plein like?

I was very inspired by the idea that Philipp is a dreamer, he chases his dreams. That’s not all, he doesn’t only dream, he also achieves what he dreams of. In the fragrance I wanted to create a scent that captures the vibrance of those dreams.

What makes this fragrance what it is?

This needed to be a signature scent, not only for the brand but for Philipp himself. Philipp likes fragrances that are light and fresh, so I wanted to play on that whilst also adding a complexity to make it a really interesting scent.

How do you translate this into the separate notes of the fragrance?

This is what I know how to do. It’s like an artist trying to express himself through painting colors on his canvas. I started with Philipp's personality, image and lifestyle. A big part of his image is his tattoos, I wanted to select a scent that could translate the tattoos into fragrance, so I used spices such as black pepper that naturally stick onto your skin creating a long-lasting scent. I was also triggered to create an olfactory tattoo that translates his passions into a fragrance.

How is Philipp reflected in the fragrance?

I started with one element for inspiration, that was the energy of Philipp Plein, I was very impressed by his contagious spirit when I first met him. That was the first thing I tried to translate into the fragrance. Secondly, I was inspired by his impressive collection of cars. They were outstandingly lavish, all in bright, brilliant colors – this is what I also translated into the fragrance. After that I was inspired by the idea of money, I wanted the perfume to embody success and achievement. I wanted to recreate the scent of money – the good type – which is the smell of fresh ink on bank notes.