GQ Dispatches: Cristiano Ronaldo And David Beckham's Quarantine Haircuts

02 May 2020
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Luca Comella on David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and cutting your own hair

The lockdown has been at least partially lifted and as we reported last week, barbershops are now slowly opening again, albeit at 30 per cent capacity.

However, mid lockdown we spoke to one barber who suggested that now was in fact the perfect time to let your hair grow.

While the internet was awash with DIY fades and relationship straining short back and sides, Luca Comella of Y12 Salons suggested that cutting your hair at home was not only tricky, but unnecessary.

For the latest episode of GQ Dispatches we sat down with Luca to discuss two of the most famous home-haircuts in the world: David Beckham’s shaved head, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s top knot.

Both players posted shots of their lockdown trims on Instagram. Beckham broke first with a black and white shot of his freshly shaved head, while Ronaldo posted a video of the cut itself.

In the early 2000s, Beckham inspired a nation of men to shave their heads when he cut off his equally famous Mohican.

Luca, who is himself growing his hair, shares with us his view on why long hair is now his favoured look but also why, under these circumstances, there has never been a better time to grow your hair.

In addition we asked him for some tips on how best to control our heads of hair during the difficult bushy stage of the grow-out.

Whether you’re growing your hair by choice or necessity, sit down and watch the latest episode of GQ Dispatches to benefit from expert advice on going long.