The Best Hair Care Products for Naturally Grey Hair

By Adam Hurly
20 August 2018
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Getty Images for Turner
Silver fox status, complete.

When your hair goes gray, it becomes more rigid – "wiry" is the word they throw around – and it’s at a greater risk of looking dull. Fight back with the best haircare products for grey hair. It's wiry because it’s changing on a microscopic level: “Grey hair is incredibly porous and dry,” says celebrity stylist KC Fee. She adds that everyday habits you once ignored suddenly pose a risk to your now-grey hair’s health: “Over styling and sun exposure can turn the silver hair to yellow,” in addition to further drying it out. So, while it’s at risk of looking jaundiced, it’s also stubborn and unstylable.

Fee says that your hair care and styling routine should focus on two key aspects: First, using a specialised grey/silver hair shampoo at least once a week (sometimes it’s also called purple shampoo because of its colour.) There’s no need to shampoo too much, since it’ll strip the hair of its needed moisture – you can use a similarly silver-marketed conditioner, however. This combination will prevent discoloration, and the conditioner will help soften everything.

Her second suggestion also helps to nourish and soften the hairs: Use styling products with argan oil, or mix a couple drops of argan with your usual daily styler. This should keep the hair from getting too brittle, and will give it an enhanced shine that makes you look like a silver fox, not a malnourished wolf. (Is that the opposite of a silver fox?)

Anyway. Here are a few products to consider for your grey-hair regimen.

Oribe Hair Oil

Oribe hair oil, Dhs168, Ounass

This is Fee’s favorite styling product to recommend for grey hair, since it has a high percentage of argan oil, which helps shield the hair from UV damage while also reducing frizz, softening strands, and adding a pinch of silver-enhancing shine. It’s also loaded with other oils, like jasmine and cassis seed, as well as shea butter, vitamin E, and extracts of sandalwood, cork tree bark, and barley. These ingredients nourish hair all the way to the root, while also preventing split ends.

Klorane Grey Hair Shampoo

Klorane Anti-Yellowing Shampoo, Dhs44 (approx.), Amazon

By utilising centaury flower extract, Klorane’s shampoo prevents grey, silver, blonde, and (dyed) platinum hair from dulling and yellowing. It naturally highlights and brightens the silver hairs you want to show off.