Here’s How To Dye Your Hair Right

01 August 2019
Grooming, Style, Hair

This summer’s biggest grooming trend might catch the headlines, but it can be a nightmare for your hair. Senior Barber, Hamzeh Al Asmi from 1847 explains...

So, what’s with all the male hair bleaching going on these days?

No idea, but 100 percent this is the new beard when it comes to male grooming trends.

Men are rubbish at looking after their hair post-treatment, though, right?

Yes, but education is key to it all. Women have been colouring their hair for decades, they are already aware of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to aftercare, but men have only recently got involved. Give it a few years and they’ll also have their own extensive hair care routine.

Where do you stand on a good hair oil?

If used correctly, essential oils can do wonders for your hair. Each oil has its own benefits, but for coloured hair – which usually tends to get dry – olive oil is a life saver. It penetrates into your hair’s fibres in a way that few other oils can, the high number of fats found in olive oil plays a key role in its deeply penetrating and hair-strengthening properties.

OK, so how else should men look after their hair in general?

Apart from visiting the barber regularly and purchasing the right aftercare products to use at home, men should also reduce their usage of styling products. Oh, and they should definitely invest in a shower filter. This will not only help with hair, but skin as well.

Any natural remedies that might help?

Our favourite remedy for all hair types is eggs. Seriously. The yolk is rich in fats and protein and is naturally moisturising, while the white – which contains bacteria-eating enzymes, removes unwanted oils. Apply on our hair for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water before shampooing hair.

How about prevention – better than cure, right?

Absolutely. Protection should be routine for all men with coloured hair. Whether it’s a heat protection spray or leave-in conditioner. Applying these products helps reduce the damage of heat exposure when blow-drying. My personal go-to product? Murdock London – Sea Salt Spray, and Philip B Leave-in Conditioner”.