How To Get Hair As Cool As The Gents On The Oscars' Red Carpet

11 February 2020
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There is no bigger night to strut your stuff in La-La Land than the Oscars

Anybody who is anybody is at the ceremony and when you show out at an event like that, you best not miss. With that in mind, established and rising stars spend fortunes on stylists and designer garments to make sure that they stick out from the crowd, but veterans know that when it comes to elevating your look above the rest, grooming is where the magic happens.

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This year, the Oscars saw Hollywood’s leading men combine the traditional short and sharp with James Bond-worthy black tie suits, but as the the rules become more and more relaxed, many of the guests took a more comfortable approach. It's lucky, then, that this year flowing natural (and suprising long) locks are reigning supreme - hairstyles are kept loose, with natural textures and curls becoming the feature to be highlighted.

What better event to take some inspiration for your own grooming than the one where all of the world’s biggest and brightest bring their best. And to help you do exactly that, we've enlisted the help of founder and CEO of beauty empire The Blaq Group, Ryan Channing. Check it out below.

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Leonardo Dicaprio

The Look: Rugged Chic

How-To Achieve: keep hair manicured to pull off the rugged 5 o’clock shadow look.

Brad Pitt

The Look: Laidback Luxe

How-To Achieve: Pitt achieves the laidback luxe look by pairing a classic velvet tuxedo jacket with effortless hair. Achieve by clean shave and texture spray. Apply the BLAQ Hyluronic Eye Masks to prep you for the night ahead. Store in the fridge for about 10-15 minutes before use to charge up all the active ingredients and for an even cooling feature.

Tom Hanks

The Look: classic sleek comb-over

How-To Achieve: use a light-hold matte paste and achieve by positioning by blow drying hair to the direction that suits your face frame. Best recommended product to achieve this look, a personal favourite: Balmain Paris Matt Clay Strong.

Mahershala Ali

The Look: The modern take on a classic

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How-To Achieve: Sporting the modern take on a classic suit and keep your grooming looks polished with a clean 5 o’clock shadow and minimal detailing.

Timothée Chalamet

The Look: personal-style meets the Oscars

How-to Achieve: personal style is hard to achieve at such a large scaled event like the Oscars. Know what suits your body and confidence shows on the carpet, just like Timothee Chalamat and this look. A blow-dry and texture spray to really just keep this look sleek and effortless. For on the go the BLAQ Cleanse and Exfoliate Wipes goes a long way, to maintain and keep skin refreshed from day-to-night.

Anthony Ramos

The Look: "Accessorised"

How-to achieve: find accessories that compliment your outwith and the studs add attitude to really carry off this look. Achieve your grooming look by keeping your mustache and beard trimmed with and applying texture spray to hold and lift your natural hair.

Rami Malek

The Look: Preppy Clean-Cut

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How-To Achieve: Compliment this smart fitted suit look with a clean shave and moisturised face: Flight Mode’s Moisture Cloud Face Cream is packed with Hyaluronic Acid which stores and locks in moisture for a dewy complexion.

Taika Waititi

Oscar Isaac

Joaquin Phoenix

Keanu Reeves

Adam Driver

Zack Gottsagen & Shia LaBeouf

Antonio Banderas

Robert De Niro

Noah Baumbach

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Alfie Allen


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