How To Marie Kondo Your Grooming Kit

By David Smiedt and Nikolina Ilic
30 July 2019
Marie Kondo, Grooming, Shaving, Face and Body

Spark joy

You’re doing something right when your name becomes a verb.

The Japanese author and host of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo has led a revolution helping people get rid of the stuff they don’t need to lead simpler, more fulfilling lives.

Kondo is basically The Michael Jordan of housekeeping; she goes into all sorts of homes and seamlessly makes her subjects clean them up, focusing on the feeling of joy: only keep things in the home that make you happy, her philosophy goes.

The theory isn’t specifically directed at hoarders but rather people with the issue of things getting in the way of their lives. Kondo is present, listens to her clients, is their friend, changes their lives. They start with clothes, then books, then papers, then to the kitchen all the way up to sentimental items.

And it’s not just the show where the 34-year-old shares her mindfulness: Kondo wrote a best-selling book before the show—The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising—and has an illustrated book out, too.

Her books have sold in the tens of millions, her new show is on the standard viral Netflix push; targeted ads, Instagram stories, everything.

Yes, there are a lot of books and shows about cleaning up. But hers is thoughtful: She approaches the material world just short of 10 commandments and is somehow…holistic.

With the almost cult-like Kondo theory in mind, we take the Kondo approach to your grooming gear. Here, three steps to Marie Kondo your grooming kit.

  1. Pile everything on to a table.
  2. If there’s stuff you haven’t used in six months, ditch it.
  3. Separate what’s left into categories: moisturiser, sun care, fragrance, hair product and so on, then thin the herd so there’s only one item left in each category.

If you really want to take things to the next level buy some multitaskers. Here are five of our favourites:

18.21 ‘Man Made Wash’
18.21 ‘Man Made Wash’ (530ml), $33.95
Shampoo, conditioner, body wash all in one. Great scent too.

La Mer ‘The Concentrate’
La Mer ‘The Concentrate’ (15ml), $280
The only serum you’ll ever need. Weatherproof, hangover proof, inflammation proof.

Ouai ‘Scalp & Body Scrub’
Ouai ‘Scalp & Body Scrub’ (250g), approx. $24
An exfoliator that removes dead skin from the body and product build up from the hair.

Floris ‘No89 Shaving Oil’
Floris ‘No89 Shaving Oil’ (30ml), $69
The elegant ‘No89’ scent – lavender, cedar wood, musk – plus sublime razor glide. libertine

Santa Maria Novella ‘Emulsione Anacolica’
Santa Maria Novella ‘Emulsione Anacolica’ (100ml), $99
A stellar post-shave moisturiser with a subtle citrus scent.

Via GQ Australia