Is it Time to Join the Most Expensive Gym in Dubai?

18 September 2019
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A new training programme promises to make you, and your bank balance, unrecognizable

Being rich allows you to enjoy the best things in life. Cars, holidays, houses, watches, but what about pain?

For the richest of the rich, Symmetry Gym has launched a new training programme designed to, in their own words “pretty much destroy anyone brave enough to take on the challenge.”

Sure, you can join a luxury gym, work out using the finest equipment and personal trainers before showering in a beautifully designed cubicle but if you’re really serious about a) being rich and b) getting fit, hard work is where it’s at, right?

Symmetry’s Ultra Rich Programme, a 28-day intensive training regimen claims to be able to give you “maximum results in the shortest time possible”. And we’d hope so too, because it’s going to cost you AED 36,000.

The brainchild of Symmetry founder and self-proclaimed “smartest and most expensive trainer in Dubai” Amir Siddiqui, the vibe here seems to be to take that old gym maxim, “Go Big or Go Home” and, well, go big. Really big. An upgrade on the gym’s existing CEO package- a paltry AED 45,000 for 3 months- Symmetry promise you’ll be ‘unrecognisable’ by the time it’s over.

Siddiqui, a former New York resident with 15 years’ experience in fitness says that despite the bluster, the goal here is to “transport the client to a better place, mentally and physically, through the beauty of movement and intensity.”

We spoke to Siddiqui to find out how he does what he does.

Amir Siddiqui

GQ: What are you doing that other gyms aren't?

We are the only gym that makes the bold claim that exercise is more important than diet. We realize that people do not want to completely sacrifice their social and family lives just so they can stick to some extreme diet like keto, low carb or intermittent fasting. Thanks to an obsession with technology, many people aren’t as physically active as they should be. This leads to modern metabolic disorders. They put on weight and can even suffer from anxiety and depression. That’s why we came up with our own training methodology called the "Fission Fusion Training System", which is the result of 15 years of research, study and results-based training.

GQ: You mention nutrition - do you provide food or just advice?

We are currently working with a meal delivery and service company and hopefully will be launching Symmetry meals soon.

GQ: Mindful techniques - how does this work - is this a regular session with an expert or just advice on techniques?

Our entire philosophy revolves around the binary bonding of the physical and the psychological. We don't view the client as a purely physical entity. Humans are psycho-physiological organisms and that thinking and actions must align. Since the physical and psychological work in a feedback loop, we use the training to align the mind-set to produce optimal results. How we do it is a trade secret. The mindful techniques are tailored for each client and exercises are provided that help build mindfulness in different ways. Techniques include breathing methods, mindful walking techniques and other practices to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress.

GQ:  Why is the high fee worth it?

We guarantee results. We want our clients to be able to live a full life while staying fit and healthy. I personally take charge of the client’s 28 days of training, work schedule and life. I handle every single detail of how they live, eat and exercise. The client undergoes a life-changing transformation using a custom program, which includes intensive workouts, as well as the latest performance of mind-techniques, and support by the entire gym personnel. We offer 24-hour support, food shopping, fridge detox, nutrition program, advice, mentoring, weekly massages and daily performance assessments.

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