Exclusive: Johnny Depp’s Wild Search For The Truth

28 August 2019
Johnny Depp, Fragrances, Sauvage, Dior
Images: Dior
The behind-the-scenes video for the latest Sauvage by Dior parfum sees Depp connect with the land

The exclusive behind the scenes video of the brand new Sauvage fragrance offers what Johnny Depp describes as a pure love letter. A symbol of the search for truth.

In a video littered with symbolic references, the location was all-important to Depp and director Jean-Baptiste Modino. This was about the spirit of the land and what it means to the people...it was the perfect backdrop for the latest iteration of Sauvage.

But while the short film embraces Native American culture, it’s also very careful to address cultural appropriation, with local advisors onset at all times to retain identity and authenticity. 

The fragrance itself? Well, “Sauvage is an open-ended score,” says perfumer François Demachy. “Its composition is so complex that you can add original perspectives by crafting it with subtle nuances. For this new Parfum, I imagined an intense freshness meeting the smoothness of an Oriental scent. I kept the powerful soul of Sauvage intact by giving it nocturnal accents, an animal attraction and some rounder facets.”

So check out the new video… and then check out the making-of video too. We think you’ll agree that, combined, it makes for maximum Sauvage.

As for Depp, well this went further than simply performing on sacred land. “There was a very striking woman, and she adopted me into the Commanche nation,” he explains at the end of the video. And then he was off into the wild expanse. A modern-day version of a Western man.

Classic Depp.