Understanding Roberto Cavalli's Deep Desire

17 September 2019
Fragrance, Roberto Cavalli, Deep Desire

The latest interpretation of Cavalli’s Uomo fragrance

Roberto Cavalli’s brand is built on opulence. His surname, now an icon in itself, has become a byword for luxury and indulgence.

But to remain at the top you need to continue to innovate, whether that’s on the catwalk or on the skin of your neck. Cavalli’s newest interpretation of its daring Uomo fragrance, Deep Desire Uomo, does exactly that.

Developed by Christopher Raynaud, a master perfumer with over 25 years’ experience, Deep Desire Uomo is described by the brand as sensuous, fierce and indomitable; it’s an olfactory facsimilie of the Cavalli man and it’s here to seduce you.

Opening with a kick of mandarin, Raynaud deliberately used pepper, traditionally a more masculine scent, to create a citrus- spice contrast. It’s this idea of contrast and worlds colliding, that underpins the fragrance as a whole, reflecting the multifaceted nature of modern men.

Transitioning into the heart of the scent, as it develops on your skin, the pepper in the opening is mellowed by saffron and cinnamon, both spicy in their own right but softer than the punchy top notes. This has then been complimented with Tuberose, the sweet, floral nature of which works to balance out the spice. Strong but soft, intense but mellow. There’s those contrasts again.

Underpinning the whole thing are golden cedarwood and cashmeran which tie the whole thing together and will be what will stay with you after a day – or night’s-wear, for up to 24 hours.

Deep Desire Uomo is a complex scent designed to seduce and beguile, with an unmistakably masculine energy. As always, a fragrance will behave differently for different people but this will be an undeniable force.

Apply it judiciously to your neck and wrists for an even distribution of scent that will stay with you all day.