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Salt And Pepper Hair: Go Grey Gracefully In Three Steps

12 June 2019
Not too happy about turning into a silver fox? Fear not, the key is just in the quality control

If your hair is turning grey don’t fret, there’s no reason for concern. You’re in good company. In fact you’re bang on trend in the style stakes. Some men are so envious that the trend for silver colour is at an all-time high with hairstylists doing a brisk trade in dye.

With age comes distinction and with distinction comes a little grey. Those salt and pepper specs impart a gravitas and sophistication that your blonde streaks never have. Many of Hollywood’s leading men rock a silver head of hair; including George Clooney, Anderson Cooper, Richard Gere and Jon Stewart, so you’re in good company

But if you’re still a little worried here are a few things to consider.

1. Get over it and get on with it
Embrace the idea. There are men your age losing their hair altogether so let’s get some perspective. You also need to be aware that some shifting of the grooming routine will be required in the form of new products and styles. And yes, this comes with a small cost.

2. The style(s)
As individual hair strands lose their pigment, they also become coarser in texture. This doesn’t happen to everyone and if you’re both silken and silver, you can and should experiment with longer styles. You’ll totally stand out in a room of brown, so count yourself lucky.

For the majority, however, grown out grey means a touch of the frizzies. To make the most of the colour while taming the steel wool factor, opt for cropped cuts around the back and sides. Fade if you must but leave the top with enough length for a side part, sweep back or forward tousle that’s all about texture.
All three look brilliant with grey but seek your stylist’s advice about what best suits your face shape. And FYI, this hair will most likely need a trim every four weeks to keep things in check.

3. The gear
Without getting too deep into the chemical specifics, your standard shampoos will certainly clean grey hair, but the specialist varieties contain purple pigments that add an enviable metallic sheen to these hues. While still looking natural. Think of it as the using premium unleaded in your car as opposed to standard fuel.

Via GQ Australia