The 12 Best Hairstyles For Men In 2020

06 February 2020
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Sharpen up your look with our pick of fuss-free hairstyles at every length

A hairstyle's transformative power is not to be under estimated. And that's why we present to you the best hairstyles for men in 2020. With these cuts, you can walk into the barbers with the weight of the world on your shoulders and leave in less than an hour sporting a legendary new style and a whole new perspective on life (providing you have a half-decent barber, that is).

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The world will have a whole new perspective on you, too. After all, a man’s hairstyle can tell you a lot about him. The city slicker with the pristine quiff. The streetwear devotee with the edgy fade. No matter whether your preference is long or short, shaved or buzzed, every man wants to look and feel the part, and an up-to-date ‘do is key to that.

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Ready to switch things up? We’ve picked out 12 hairstyles for men you’ll love. Get your barber on speed dial.

The Best Short Hairstyles for Men

The High-Top Fade: This clean, sharp nineties hairstyle is back for a new decade. The face-trimming fade element is especially flattering for men with round faces or wide cheeks, but looks great on literally everyone, as lord of all that's hairy, David Beckham, demonstrates effortlessly.

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The Textured Crop: A low maintenance look that gives off huge just-rolled-out-of-bed energy without being unkempt, and holds shape well even as it grows out. It works exceptionally well for men with a square or oval-shaped face. Case in point: Anwar Hadid.

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The Modified Pompadour: Going full pompadour is a commitment, especially in year-round heat. A modified (read: shorter) version of the look – think John Cho – is far more functional. Plus, it suits all face shapes.

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The Square Fade: An understated alternative to the high-top fade, this cut keeps the length shorter on top, and features high faded sides that accommodate almost every head shape. If it’s good enough for Mahershala Ali...

The Best Curly Hairstyles for Men

The Slicked Back Taper Fade: Channel your inner Rami Malek with a subtle slicked back taper fade – an edgier upgrade on the ‘short back and sides’ that looks as good in a tux as it does in the office.

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The Unruly Mop: Embrace your natural curls with the single-length look seen on Ramy Youssef.  – a touch of hair cream is all you’ll need. This approach works especially well with a thick, mid-length beard.

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The Undercut: Curly hair can be tricky to tame, but not with an undercut. It’s a versatile style that leaves room to experiment up top, while keeping your morning routine to a minimum. We rated Mena Massoud’s dedication to the cut throughout 2019.

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The Best Shaved Hairstyles for Men

The Classic Buzzcut: Men with oval or rectangle faces best suit this bold, minimal look, which really accentuates the jawline. Not sure how short to take it? If you’re new to the look and in need of inspo, we’d follow Amr Diab’s lead.

The Skin Fade Buzzcut: Zayn Malik’s current do, the skin fade buzzcut, sees the classic style reimagined with even more attitude – something we didn’t think was possible. Better yet, the faded sides make it accessible to men with rounder faces.

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The Clean Shave: Take a leaf out of Narcy’s book and liberate yourself with a clean shave that leaves nothing to the imagination. It’ll take a little maintenance and regular shaving – remember to moisturise your scalp each time to prevent it from drying out.

The Best Long Hairstyles for Men

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The Shoulder Length: Cut just above shoulder-length, tousled curls are always a winner – just ask Mohammed Alhamdan, a.k.a Warchieff. This style also looks great pulled back in a low bun.

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The Slick Back: This paired-back look, as seen most recently on Brad Pitt, works best with straight or slightly wavy hair. It’ll take a little bit of effort post-shower – a spritz of sea salt spray and a touch of matt clay should do the trick – but it’s worth the extra effort.