The Airport-Proof Grooming Essentials You'll Need This Eid

05 June 2019
Grooming, Travel, Eid
Photography: John Gribben
Everything to declare

Get ready for that much-deserved Eid break with these air travel-approved grooming goods.

A Strong Case

Yes, an overnight flight may require packing some extra grooming gear, but who cares when you can carry it in style? Crafted from durable nylon, and with two main compartments and an internal slip pocket, this is a washbag that’s as handy as it is cool. Washbag, $360, Prada

Nap Better

Throw out whatever eye mask the airline gave you – you’ve come prepared. This ultra-luxe number by the sleep and loungewear king Derek Rose lets you doze-off in peace, knowing you won’t wake up with any funny lines on your mug. Eye mask, $150, Derek Rose

Get Masked

Dry cabin air is your skin’s worst enemy. If it feels like every last drop of moisture is being sucked from your face… well, it’s because that’s what’s going down. But it’s not impossible to win this fight, if you come armed with the right stuff. Mask, $35, Clinique

Lip Rescue

Unlike other areas of your skin, your lips have no oil glands, so if there’s any part of you that’s going to need some extra TLC in the air, this is it. Lip balm, $65, La Mer

Stay Fresh

There’s no need to be shy – you’ve been confined to a small, airless space for hours. Dashing off to the bathroom for a quick brush will do you – and everyone around you – wonders. Toothpaste, $21, Marvis

Save Face

After genetics, the sun is enemy number one when it comes to premature aging. No matter the season, you should be wearing sunscreen daily – we can’t stress that enough. Come at the day prepared. Sunscreen, $41, Kiehl’s

Eye Control

Fine lines, puffiness and dark circles under your eyes are the first thing people will notice when you haven’t had much sleep, so taking care of your peepers is crucial. The right mask can tackle all these problems in minutes. Eye Mask, $145, Sisley Paris

No to BO

A flight is not the place to go au naturel – it’s the time to double down on your hygiene. Opt for something with an anti-bacterial complex. Deodorant, $15, Horace

Sound Off

Whether it’s the engine noise you can’t stand, or worse, a droning seatmate that doesn’t understand boundaries, just pop these in and say au revoir to sleep disruption. Noise-cancelling earplugs, $270, Bose

Double Duty

Bar soaps are back and they clean better than ever. But this revamp requires investing in a soap that not only rids you of the grime and dirt acquired on your travels but also nourishes your skin in the process. Soap, $20, Aesop