The Hair Evolution Of George Clooney

By Charlie Calver
25 September 2019
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Images: Courtesy of Getty Images
The most consistent head of hair in Hollywood

George Clooney. The name has become synonymous with words like handsome and charming. He’s the sort of guy that would make your mother swoon.

The man amongst men isn’t just a pretty face though. He’s an Academy Award winner and the only man, besides Walt Disney, to have been nominated in six different categories.

Clooney is also a passionate activist. He has used his considerable platform to advocate for human rights for years. The man has spoken at the United Nations and appeared alongside the likes of Barack Obama to fight to end global conflicts.

Despite all of these achievements, we want to focus on something of deep importance. The tremendous head of hair that Clooney has. It’s up there with some of the best of all time. Arguably, the Mount Rushmore of men’s hair is Elvis, James Dean, Abe Lincoln and Clooney (Lincoln also made it onto the real Mount Rushmore. Lucky him).

Now, we know what your thinking; “Clooney’s hair isn’t all that”. But, no one has more consistently had a good hair cut than George Clooney. He’s like the Don Bradman of hair. He would be averaging a century if it weren’t for a few rogue misses here or there.

Clooney has another thing going for him. He’s the ultimate silver fox. Just in the last 24 hours, the man stepped out in Madrid to remind us all of this fact.

In the photo above you can witness Clooney’s absolute dominance of silver-haired grooming. Look at the perfectly grown out beard. Witness the salt and pepper in his exceptionally styled hair. You couldn’t wish for more than that.

To prove our point, we have put together a collection of images detailing the consistency in Clooney’s hair evolution. Decide for yourself which ones lowered his batting average.

1997 Arriving at the Golden Globes on crutches

1999 At the premiere of Three Kings

2000 At the premiere for The Perfect Storm in L.A.

2001 With his Golden Globe for O Brother, Where Art Thou?

2001 Signing at autograph outside Social Studies nightclub in L.A.

2003 At the famous Chateau Marmont Hotel in L.A.

2006 Speaking to the National Press Club in Washington

2006 At the United Nations

2007 At the Cannes Film Festival

2009 At the premiere of The Men Who Stare At Goats at the Venice Film Festival

2013 At the Venice Film Festival

2014 In Venice on the eve of his wedding to Amal Alamuddin

Via GQ Australia