The Mountain’s 17,000-Calorie Cheat Day Is Enough To Make You Puke

22 September 2019
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Don’t try this at home, folks

For many, he will always be known as Sir Gregor Clegane The Mountain from Game of Thrones, but the man-juggernaut, actor and strongman that is Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson has shaken his TV-screen persona numerous times to prove that his strength is one of unprecedented scale.

The strongman has finished in the top 3 of each World’s Strongest Man competition since 2012. While he was unsuccessful in claiming victory in the event this year, he already seems to have his sight set on 2020’s contest. In an interview with The New York Post, Björnsson revealed just how much work and preparation goes into training for the event, saying: “You have to be willing to work 365 days a year and be absolutely obsessed with what you want to achieve and if you’re willing to go that far then you’re able to be the World’s Strongest Man.”

And certainly, when it comes to training for maximum strength, nutrition can’t be taken for granted. But in what appears to be a cheat meal that would make the Rock’s cheat day appear like a mere appetiser, The Mountain attempted to eat 50,000 calories with two of his body builder pals, each averaging 16,666 calories per person.

To put that in perspective, it’s recommended that the average person consume roughly 2,000-2,5000 calories a day. Obviously, if the goal is to bulk up or hit a certain weight as a body builder, then that number is going to increase. But it typically ranges from 3,000-5,000 depending on one’s size, making The Mountain’s 16,000-calorie cheat day incomprehensible.

So, what does such a cheat day even look like? Well, over the course of 10 hours, The Mountain and his pals consume 1,750 calories worth of beef and rice each, followed up by pancakes, burgers, fries, chocolate milkshakes, Ben and Jerry’s, loaded large pizzas, wine, bread, and then some. While The Mountain’s pals had to pull out of the final meal of 12 donuts (2,700 calories per person) due to feeling so stuffed they did in fact vomit, Björnsson forged ahead, making it through the meal without puking a single time. Consequently, he consumed roughly 17,000 calories in his cheat day.

It’s obscene, but keep in mind that this isn’t a regular cheat day for The Mountain but rather something he and his friends undertook to challenge themselves (and their waistbands). As Nutrex reported back in April, the actor and fitness star typically takes in about 10,000 calories per day, which, it should be said, is still an excessive total. But given his intense training schedule and the physical demands he places on his body, it’s easy to see why he feels it’s necessary.

Our advice? Don’t try this home.

Via GQ Australia