The Science Of Scent: What's Really In A Fragrance?

14 September 2019
Fragrance, Davidoff, Olfactory
A break down of how to properly understand the essence of a fragrance

We take a closer look at the Davidoff 'Horizon' fragrance and break down how it mixes up.

The Top Notes

These form your first impression of a scent. They pull you in, evaporate quickest and are often light citrus variants. With Davidoff 'Horizon', we're talking about grapefruit (for a citrus edge without the sweet mandarin of feminine scents), with rosemary (an earthy, camphor counterbalance) and ginger (in boxing terms this would be a bantamweight - light, but with a punch).

The Mid Notes

This is the engine room of the scent, designed to linger for up to four hours. The ingredients here frequently compose around half of the oils used and are often floral, due to their staying power. Here it's about the vetiver (an Asian grass that encompasses a dry woodiness and a bit of smoke) and patchouli ( a herbaceous note, which is such a staple that the chypre scent genre use it as its base unit).

The Base Notes

The most powerful in the scent. They can last up to 24 hours on the skin and make up around 20 percent of any fragrance. With 'Horizon', this means Cocoa Absolut - 'absolut' refers to the highest concentration of scent, while the cocoa brings warmth, depth, chocolate and a bitter hint. We also smelled brandy, but maybe that's just us?

Via GQ Australia