The Secrets of Lockdown Grooming

08 June 2020
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Images: Danny Lowe
Deal With Life Inside Face First

Grin Like A Grooming Master

 Glasses, $510, shirt, $1170, Gucci

Taking care of your mouth can and should be as luxurious as taking care of your skin. An alcohol-free mouthwash like the one from Aesop ($22) uses natural ingredients including clove, anise and spearmint to freshen your breath, without the harsh sensation. Meanwhile, dentist-about-town, Dr Apa, has expanded his oral mastery into take-home offerings. Apa’s tooth gloss ($28) not only gives a handsome finishing sheen to your smile, it also fights bacteria, treats your gums, and helps to prevent cavities.

Lean Into The Natural Curl

The key to leading-man-level curls has – and always will be – moisture. Curly hair tends to be drier, and dryness is a shortcut to frizz, split-ends, and general shapelessness. While an A-plus (and strictly paraben-free conditioner) is a good first step, our advice is to take that moisture out of the shower and into the real world. A leave-in conditioner will act as a perfect primer for shape-defining styling product, and ensure you’re locking-in the hydration, all day long.

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Put Your Nails On A Schedule

Getting your nail grooming on autopilot is a revelation your self-care routine should really embrace. While a twice-monthly manicure will ensure you’re presentable from Zoom meeting to Zoom party, it’s important to keep helpful tools close to hand. Aesop makes the excellent Resurrection hand balm ($27), which, thanks to coconut oil and shea butter, is a shortcut to baby-soft mitts.

Locks that pop

The heroes your hair has been waiting for

You know what’s good for your hair: Silicon-free. Phthalate-free. This, friends, is both.

 Basil Conditioner, $26, Le Labo at Mr Porter

The quickest way to take your hair from brittle to silky.

 Leave-in conditioner, $26, SACHAJUAN at Mr Porter

It has a cult-following for a reason: amazing hold, natural sheen.

 Claymation, $22, Hanz De Fuko at Mr Porter

Keep The Hedges Handsome

 Blazer, price on request, Dior Men

Tom Ford once described eyebrows as the one piece of facial architecture that you can adjust non-surgically. And, as per usual, he’s right: a tweak of the eyebrows can have as big an impact as a haircut. So, it’s little wonder that Mr Ford is responsible for perhaps the most helpful product a bushy-browed man can carry: some brow gel ($47). Let’s be clear. Thicker eyebrows are totally permissible in 2020. All they need is an occasional trim (brush ‘em up and scissor-off the growth above your brow), and, with the help of Mr Ford, a little assistance
to lie in place.

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Water The Field Regularly

The real secret of the vampire-like non-aging of grooming masters like Pharrell Williams (46) and Jared Leto (48)? Skincare. And while you’re more than likely aware of the old cleanse-tone-moisturise-occasionally-exfoliate routine, we’d like to draw your attention to hyaluronic acid. This ingredient du jour is a moisturising miracle, helping to reduce or avoid fine lines, crow’s feet and dark circles. Basically, it boosts, plumps and moisturises, all at once. You’ll find hyaluronic acid – AKA HA – in plenty of moisturisers, but the masters at SkinCeuticals make one of the best.

Banish The Bumps

 Shirt, $735, Valentino

Whether you rock perma-stubble, a full beard, or a clean shave, there has never been a greater time to grow (or manage) facial hair. Forget the arms race of adding blades and moisturising strips: Gilette’s Skinguard (from $17) is a genuinely innovative shaver that banishes razor bumps to another dimension. If you’re sporting something longer, be sure to treat your beard like royalty. Tom Ford’s Oud Wood beard oil ($57) smells as good as it hydrates, and will help soften the scruff. And if all of this sounds a little too pedestrian, make like a millennial heartthrob and reach for a temporary colour dye – a sure-fire way to stand out from the follicular masses.

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Save your skin

You only get one mug – so make it count

Oils aren’t for moisture – they’re a protective barrier. This speeds repair and boosts collagen production.

 The Renewal Oil, $260, La Mer at Mr Porter

It hasn’t got a scent to write home about, but the results will make that memory fade, fast.

 H.A. Intensifier, $92, SkinCeuticals

Your eyes are the most important skincare upgrade you can make. Sisley helps make puffiness extinct.

 Supremÿa Eyes at Night, $245, Sisley at Mr Porter

Photography: Danny Lowe

Styling: Keanoush Zargham

Casting director: Nick Forbes Watson

Hair stylist: Andy Smith using Indola

Nail technician: Stacey bushay

Make-up Artist: Marco Antonio using Mac cosmetics

Fashion assistant: Shannei Rae Brown