This Is What The Mountain’s 10,000-Calories-A-Day Diet Looks Like

12 March 2020
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Even when travelling, the world’s strongest man manages to eat six meals a day

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to feed the beast that is Hafthor Bjornsson, a.k.a. The Mountain, the answer is six indulgent, hearty meals of 10,000 calories. Having recently been crowned the World’s Strongest Man for the third time running after taking out the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic, Bjornsson revealed via his YouTube channel the diet that saw him achieve such success (of course, there was a lot of training that went into it, too).

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“It’s super similar to what I eat at home,” said Bjornsson. Travelling to the competition with his nutrition coach, Stan Efferding, Bjornsson made sure to eat his required six meals a day. Efferding brought The Mountain fresh meat to his hotel room everyday, where he also kept a rice cooker and a fridge full of “carrots and eggs and everything, so I can eat on my schedule.”

Breakfast was consumed at 7 a.m, and saw The Mountain indulge in a plate of six eggs, a heaping of bacon, and three pieces of French toast. After, he takes his daily vitamins and goes on a 10 minute walk to help with digestion, all so he can stuff some more food into his mouth later.

“Then I eat again in about two and a half hours,” he says.

The second meal comes at 9.33 a.m. and constitutes rice, spinach, bison and chicken stock, followed by more supplements. Bjornsson then hits the treadmill for 10 minutes while munching on an orange.

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At 12 p.m., The Mountain eats his third meal: another bison rice bowl, and then takes a 30 minute nap. Meal number four includes carrots, rice, steak, spinach, eggs, and chicken broth, while meal number five is more rice, spinach and bison. Meal number five is the same rice dish, while meal number six sees The Mountain eat a “cheat meal” of devilled egg, chicken wings, some French fries, as well as steak, potatoes, carrots and spinach.

“I treat my body the same way I would treat a brand new car. You have to treat it well so it can run for a long time. While you’re competing lifting these heavy weights, you want to fuel the body up with good nutrition so you can recover faster from all the heavy work. So nothing changes. I eat the same thing every single day. You might think it’s boring, but I love it. I absolutely love it.”

Weighing in at 202 kilograms, it’s safe to say that The Mountain needs such a high caloric diet to maintain his strength. But the strongman also acknowledges the importance of endurance in the events, stressing that if he gets too much heavier than his current weight, it will affect his endurance in the events.

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Given that the recommended average adult daily calorie intake is 2,500, the 10,000 calories consumed by The Mountain might seem rather excessive (and granted, it really is). But it pales in comparison to the 12,000 calories Michael Phelps consumed in the lead up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Phelps was having to swim over five hours a day, averaging 50 miles a week, so such a high caloric diet was certainly necessary to achieve his goals.

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