Tom Brady's Resistance Band Workout Will Get You His GOAT-Worthy Dad Bod

07 August 2019
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Image: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Built around pliability and functional strength so you can stay mobile for longer

There's no doubt that Tom Brady is a freak athlete. There's an argument to make that there's never been anyone who could run with, and throw, an American Football better than he ever has.

But as an out-and-out fitness icon, he's never been on the level of a Cristiano Ronaldo or a LeBron James. Case and point: the now-infamous photo taken when he got his kit off during last year's off-season.

Now, unless Brady, a renowned health fanatic, actually spends his summers absconding from the gym and eating Shake Shack, it's probably fair to assume that the New England Patriot's physique doesn't alter that much once he gets into the swing of the NFL season. Which, quite simply, gives us all hope.

If Brady can be a world-class athlete and still look like that, can't we all?

The clear answer to this is that Brady's approach to fitness is an entirely functional one, designed not only to keep him working at his absolute peak, but doing so for longer than any other athlete before him — which explains why at the age of 42, he was just awarded a new $70 million contract with the New England Patriots.

Brady has built a body that can keep going long after other ex-pros of his age have put on healthy guts and settled into a life of TV punditry.

Part of this, as he told Men's Health US in a feature that's just been released, comes from an admirable level of foresight on his part.

As he saw other NFL pros, many of whom picked up injuries and continued to hit the weights anyway only for their bodies to break down, Brady instead elected to switch to a more functional approach.

“I’m more of a thinker obviously than a physical specimen," Brady told them, telling the story of how he turned to Alex Guerrero, a trainer with a background in Chinese Medicine, to help keep his body functioning as the effects of years of weight training and physical punishment on the field took their toll.

Brady and Guerrero's joint approach has evolved into an all-encompassing fitness movement for the two, which they're now selling as TB12: a sports performance and recovery centre, supplement line and training philosophy centred around the pillars of pliability, strength, conditioning, functionality and cognitive training for peak performance.

It's not an approach that would leave anybody the most ripped guy in the NFL, but even though Brady isn't the picture of what guys envision for themselves when they walk into the gym, it seems that most guys would do well to mould themselves in his image, especially as they approach middle age.

Here's how you can bring his approach to the gym yourself with just a set of resistance bands, per Men's Health.

Tom Brady's Resistance Band Workout

Do three rounds, supersetting the four exercises. Refer to the Men's Health link above for instructions:

  1. Banded Pallof Press Squat: 10 reps
  2. Lateral Resisted Bird Dog: 10 reps on each side
  3. Lateral Resisted Walking Plank: 5 steps out and back on each side
  4. Four-Way Band Running in Place: 20 seconds in each direction (facing away from band, to the band, left and right)

Via GQ Australia