You Can Now Workout With Mark Wahlberg Thanks To Instagram Live

29 March 2020
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Known for his abs of steel and envious rig, Wahlberg is sharing his equipment-free workout routine with followers during COVID-19 lockdown

He’s been the pin-up boy for men seeking washboard abs and arms big enough to flex for decades. Women may have lusted over Mark Wahlberg and his CK briefs, but over the years the actor’s following is largely dominated by males looking to replicate his fitness routine and get the impossible rig Wahlberg has maintained for years. Well, now you can thanks to Instagram Live.

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As COVID-19 draws us all indoors, a number of celebrities and influencers have been quick to share their at-home workouts as the rest of us are left scrambling for shampoo bottles and cans to use as dumbbells. While we certainly haven’t requested all these videos, if Mark Wahlberg is doing one you can guarantee we’ll be tuning in.

In 2018, Wahlberg revealed that his training starts at 2.30am – yep, we do not jest – and immediately his workout routine went viral as he revealed the secrets to his enviable physique. Now, he’s giving us another insight into his fitness by encouraging followers to join in during his Instagram Live workout.

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Posting a video to his social media platform, he said: “Hey everybody at home, make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay as healthy as possible. Sanitising, staying clean, staying fit, getting the proper rest, proper exercise, doing everything you can to boost your immune system.”

The workout will take place on March 26 (March 27 for us Aussies) on his F45 gym’s Instagram Live page.

Wahlberg added, “I’m coming to everyone’s home this Thursday at 4pm (Pacific time) NO NEED FOR EQUIPMENT! Let’s all workout together and try to clear our minds during these difficult times. Workout will go live at 4pm PT on @f45_training See you then! #athomeworkout #noequipmentneeded.”

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According to F45 trainer Shannon Helm who appears alongside Wahlberg in the video, the workout will be a “Gravity workout”, meaning you don’t need any equipment to feel the burn and get a good sweat going. Instead, the Gravity workout is designed to “accelerate your skills in becoming a better functioning athlete,” according to the F45 website. “The session will dramatically improve fitness levels, flexibility, mental toughness, plyometric skills, agility skills, and aerobic conditioning.”

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If you missed Wahlberg’s live workout, we’d suggest you keep following the ripped actor and fitness junkie. He often reveals his diet and other workout suggestions on his Instagram, and it looks likely that with the coronavirus pandemic showing no signs of halting, he’ll share another workout soon.

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