HBO Has Finally Dropped The Release Date For Game Of Thrones Season 8

By Brad Nash
14 November 2018
Game of Thrones, HBO
It's all come to this...

Season 8 of Game of Thrones, probably the most speculated on, rumoured about and anticipated season of TV in history, has been pored over to the point where we know basically everything about it aside from what actually happens. Algorithms have given us clues about which characters are most likely to die, it's stars have tip-toed around spoilers, former characters have talked about the nature of the show's last season, and details have leaked about some of the most epic scenes shot for the series' grand finale.

All the while, fans have been left in an 18 month information vacuum, clamoring for official info about when the show that has captivated audiences for the last seven years will finally reach its conclusion. Now HBO have finally dropped the first official details on the season, launching a teaser trailer and a retrospective campaign to go with it, looking back on the wild ride fans have been taken on since the days of Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon back in 2011. Feels so long ago, doesn't it?


The campaign, titled #ForTheThrone, is essentially an 'it all leads up to this' hype-generator, and almost feels reminiscent of the kind of marketing you get around a big boxing match or MMA fight. Just with more magic and dragons, obviously. Most importantly though, we have confirmation that Game of Thrones' final season will reach screens in April next year.

The show's official Twitter account built on the video by sharing some of the most iconic moments from the series' previous seven seasons.




Of course, plenty of news surrounding the franchise has also come out in the last few months, as the hype surrounding the show's final season ramps up. A ton of new shows set in George RR Martin's Universe have been announced, including a prequel that looks as if it's going to be set back in the earlier days of Westeros. Promotional activity has already started to celebrate the show's finale, too, including words of a potential sneaker collab between Game of Thrones and Adidas, and a collection from Diageo on a series of limited whiskies.

Via GQ Australia