Here’s the 2019 Fix For Thinning Hair

By GQ Middle East
07 February 2019
Hair, Grooming
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Shampoos? Pills? Experimenting with hair restoration can be demoralising. But, a one-time procedure could conquer that bald patch, once and for all

Balding can seem eerily similar to having a pimple in high school: people tell you not to worry about it – that they can barely even notice it – but (surprise!) it doesn’t make you feel much better. If your anxiety about your thinning hair verges on daily in frequency, it’s not a bad time to survey your surgical options. Thanks to a partnership with the European Hair Science Institute, the Dubai London Clinic is offering an exclusive treatment called Hair StemCell Transplantation.

Translation? They’ll multiply your hair, zoning-in on the patches that leave you feeling a little less than sharp. Best of all: it’s a procedure that can be done-and-dusted in a single day.  Dr Szymon Kolacz of the Dubai London clinic breaks it down.

What’s The Deal?

The hair on the back of your head has a habit of staying sturdy and thick. “So, we make a follicular stem cell transplant,” says Kolacz. The procedure involves grafting more than a thousand of your own hair follicles – and their surrounding stem cells – onto the dome of your head. The hair then has a chance to find a new (and permanent) home to grow.

Will It Look Natural?

Happily, this option isn’t one-size-fits-all: it’s bespoke. “It is based on consultation, on previous pictures of the patient. It has to suit the hairline,” says Kolacz. Carefully plotting your past, present and future is key to a look that’s seamless. “We predict what you might look like next year, in five years’ time, and in 10 years’ time – you have to predict everything.”

What’s The Timeline?

You’ll see some regrowth in around a week. After that, you’ll need to push through the first growth cycle, where the hair will be a more fragile. “But, by the second growth cycle, the hair is permanent.”