How GQ Middle East's Men of the Year Award Winners Got Red-Carpet Ready

14 October 2019
GQ Men Of The Year 2019, Cagatay Ulusoy, Mena Massoud, Bassem Youssef
The secrets behind the award-worthy hair of our GQ Men of the Year winners

GQ Middle East's Men of the Year were, as you might imagine, extremely well-turned out. But not by chance did the Middle East’s most influential people look their best. When you know you’re about to present an award, make a speech or host the entire event, it pays to have a fresh trim.

Chaps & Co barbers were on hand to make sure our Men of the year had awards worthy hair. Their founder, Jordan Davies, explains the secrets behind the biggest cuts of the night.

GQ Middle East Editor in Chief, Adam Baidawi

Adam Baidawi GQ Middle East men of the Year

Requested: Classic cut, not to short on sides

How the cut was achieved: “This hairstyle is one of the most effortless looks, using scissors as opposed to clippers for the blended textured look on top. After a wash I added sea salt spray to add extra texture, before blow drying it. I finished it with Texturizing paste to complete the natural look. The beard was simple: Sharp lines for definition on the cheeks and upper lip, and natural fade on the neck.”

GQ Middle East Breakthrough Talent Award winner: Mena Massoud

Mena Massoud GQ Middle East Men of the year breakthrough talent

Requested: A shadow fade undercut

How the cut was achieved: “Mena was very particular over his style and showed an image of how he likes it styled. From a zero fade, contoured to his head shape with a natural taper to a zero finish. We used the blade on the front of the head for the sharpest definition. To lock in the style is the most difficult part, but we began with a wash, added sea salt spray for light hold, blow dried and then straightened the hair to remove any waves."

GQ Middle East Men of the Year Host: Bassem Youssef

Bassem Youssef GQ Middle East Men of the Year

Requested: A trim and clean up

How the cut was achieved: “I started the cut with a taper at the back that gives the neckline a natural finish. We kept the length at the front and thinned his hair out a little on top before washing and blow-drying it. We finished it with a pomade, which gives long, reliable hold."

GQ Middle East Television Star Award: Cagatay Ulusoy

Cagatay Ulusoy GQ Middle East Men of the year Television star award winner

Requested: A blow dry and style

How the cut was achieved: "We added a volumizing spray to Cagatay’s hair and then blow dried it in order to give the voluminous effect you can see here. Afterwards we then combed it into a classic style and finished the style with a matt paste that gives a natural look. We used a little hairspray to hold the style in place."

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