Here's A Cheat Sheet on How To Style For Bizzaro Dress Codes

By Team GQ Middle East
23 October 2018
Timothée Chalame, Eddie Redmayne, Jeff Goldblum, Lakeith Stanfield, Menswear
Ever wondered what to wear to a garden party? Us too.

Black tie? Smart casual? Old news. The world of invites has swerved into avant-garde territory and it’s growing more convoluted by the day. Rather than resist changing tides, GQ decided to collate the most head-scratching dress codes in our inbox – and find stylish ways around them

Eddie Redmayne

Garden Formal
Translation: Wear white
The MVP: Eddie Redmayne
How it’s done If you want to look more Gatsby, less Liberace, the key to the white suit is the fit. Redmayne knows how to keep things lean and mean – he’s a lord of centimetre-perfect tailoring. And that comes with benefits. When your silhouette is cut this sharp, even a double-breasted suit looks effortless. Break-up the stuffiness by losing the socks and stepping into a loafer.

Lakeith Stanfield

Haute Casual
Translation: Reach for an on-trend statement
The MVP: Lakeith Stanfield
How it’s done Elevating a casual look is all in the detail. Sure, you could wear a leather jacket with some dark denim, and be done with it. But what happens when you swap out your jeans for leather trousers? And flash a little sock? Then finish the look with zero-apology accessories? Well, good things happen, that’s what.

Jeff Goldblum

Downtown Chic
Translation: Keep things relaxed – but not that relaxed
The MVP: Jeff Goldblum
How it’s done Goldblum is on one of the great style streaks, all bold print shirts and power jackets. It’s his go-anywhere leather jacket that has been the lynchpin of his revamped wardrobe. Here’s the GQ takeaway: when you’ve got a winning jacket that fits like a glove, all the other pieces – from easy chinos to polished lace-ups – feel twice as sharp.

Timothée Chalame

Relaxed Red Carpet
Translation: Skip the bow tie
The MVP: Timothée Chalame
How it’s done Since exploding onto the style scene with rakish fits and an unstoppably handsome mop of hair, the Call Me By Your Name star has continued to refine his looks. His red carpet playbook, in particular, has been a welcome refresh on the tried-and-true leading man vibe. Your easy way into this? A tee. The contrast of a luxe velvet tux and a totally unaffected tee is an evening home run.

From our October 2018 issue