This Could Be The Only Suit You Ever Need

By GQ Middle East
04 February 2019
MANGO, Suits, Work, Style
The Mango Man performance suit is about to save your office style game for good

Here's a thought, what if you could go to work in a suit that wouldn't look out of place on a catwalk or a fashion shoot? What if you could wear that suit to work... no matter what your commute involves? Heck, what if you could sleep in that suit, get up the next day and head into the boardroom - wearing the same suit - and still looking absolute fire? 

Thanks to Mango, style and ultimate comfort to create the perfect day-to-night outfit.


Featuring lightweight and flexible, easy-care materials, Mango Man's performance suits are introduced in three colours that best adapt to your everyday needs.

With these options, you'll take on whatever modern life throws at you.


The Travel Suit

Made to cope with different moments and scenarios of your work-day, the travel suit is designed in a crease and water resistant stretch wool fabric, that helps keep the suit looking impeccable throughout. Long gone are the days of stepping into a meeting with a creased outfit – the travel suit ensures that you look your best, always.

The Washable Suit

The needs of today’s man are as varied as the setbacks that he could encounter during the day – the washable suits are made of wool and polyester, making them easy to wash and a convenient addition to your everyday work wardrobe.