It’s Official, The UAE Is The Best Travel Destination In The World

19 December 2019
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The United Arab Emirates has beaten the United States, Australia and the Maldives

Guaranteed good weather, clean beaches, warm seas and some of the most luxurious hotels in the world: It’s not difficult to see why the United Arab Emirates has come top of a survey if awards won, related to travel.

Conducted by, the survey spans 3,000 destination-awards won over the last 4 years, from 2015-2019. Taking into consideration travel, hospitality, destination, business, entertainment and conservation, the research attempted to quantify what it means to be the best destination in the world.

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The UAE came top of the overall destination category, receiving 282 awards and beating the United States (188 awards), South Africa (113 awards) and the Maldives (105).

Elsewhere, Dubai came top of the business travel category with 24 awards over the last four years, beating Las Vegas and Sydney to the prize. The Burj Al Arab helped the UAE claim the top spot for hospitality, and in falcon news, the UAE also picked up plaudits for responsible tourism.

The Abu Dhabi Falcon hospital has collected the Middle East’s Responsible tourism award for the last four years running for its care of the UAE’s national bird, helping the Emirates to a victory over Jamaica.

Of course, a holiday or destination of choice is an entirely subjective thing. Someone who enjoys the frenetic souks of Marrakech might be non-plussed by the post-modern hyper reality of somewhere like Las Vegas or Dubai, and vice-versa.

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More recently, the rise in dark tourism — the practice of visiting war zones and other dangerous places, muddies the water even more.

But let’s leave the adrenaline junkies to it. For world class hotels and hospitality, guaranteed weather and, as in now clear, award winning tourism, the UAE is top of the class.