It’s Time To Upgrade Your Gym Bag

05 May 2019
Fitness, Gym Bags, Nylon Bags, Backpack
The ultimate gym flex is not the one on your bicep.

“New year, new me” loosely translates to, “I got a 6 months gym membership”. Great. Now that it’s May and you’re still sticking to your gym routine, we think it’s time to treat yourself to some gym gear upgrade. You know, since you’re doing so well and working out regularly. Treat yourself.

Retire your old gym bag that’s seen its fair share of bad days and the occasional protein shake spill. The same bag that’s home to your sweaty laundry and is permanent residence to that one sock at the bottom of the bag.

Since the purpose of the bag is to transport dirty laundry, and fresh office wear, it’s that much more important to give it more TLC than you’d give to a regular bag. Nylon bags are usually quite versatile and have this magical quality to hold a lot more than you’d expect it to, but it also retains germs and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Trust us. You don’t want to be wearing a gas mask every time you open up your gym bag.

Also, duffle bags are great, but you don’t want to be carrying a bulky bag on the days you just go to the gym to, and from, home and you don’t need a change of clothes. Consider keeping a backpack ready with a set of all your gym essentials for a grab-and-go situation.

Here are some gym bag upgrades that will keep your clothes fresh and add a little flex to your workout gear.

The Holdall

Mulberry - MrPorter
Mulberry, $973,

Valentino - MrPorter
Valentino, $1,341, 

The Duffle

Thom Browne - MrPorter
Thom Browne, $1,384,

The Tote

Dries Van Noten - MrPorter
Dries Van Noten, $465,

The Backpack

Jacquemus - Matches Fashion
Jacquemus, $604,